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06 June 2004, 07:54 PM
Hi :)
3dsmax 5, brazil, photoshop.

wip (focused critiques) (

any kind of c&c are welcome

06 June 2004, 02:36 AM
I made some changes, better skin, better ears, soften smile wrinkles, etc.
I know that everybody is making heads, byt maybe some c&c can be of help...

06 June 2004, 07:45 AM
hey man, you've got a good start going. actually, thats better than i can do at this point. i'm still trying to follow some head modeling tutorials.
as far as your model goes, the thing that stands out most is that his nose seems a little detached from the head. if you could make the bridge more of a smooth transition into the forehead it would work a bit better. also the geometry around the mouth and eyes is a little sharp for a human face. good stuff though man, i'll be lucky to get that far.

06 June 2004, 05:33 PM
thanks lumberyard, Its good to had a reply because I always learn something from critiques.
About the nose, I made some mistakes on the basic shape, I hope to make a better transition on the next model.
and for you, practice and practice and practice. that is my advice..

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