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07 July 2002, 06:23 AM
whats the best way to start modeling a human? do i start with just a sphere and tweek from there or what? im a total newb to 3d so please dont get mad if this post sounds really basic. any help would be greatly appreciated

07 July 2002, 10:11 AM
You might get some ideas from this one:

I know, it's for LW but actually is quite useful :thumbsup:

07 July 2002, 12:12 PM
i saw in some tutorial ...they use splice and nurbs for figure modelling .... what u think !!!

07 July 2002, 01:41 PM
Use the box modelling method if you're a true noob. You learn more that way.

07 July 2002, 01:58 PM
..bah. 3dmax users and their box modeling.
your not modeling a box.
when you model something, your probably trying not to make it look like a box.
so why is it called box modeling? sure you start from a box. but you could start from a 6 sided cylinder too.

why not give it a name of what your actually doing. like subdividing the mesh and puttng in detail.

i think subdivision modeling is a bit more of an appropriate name, no?

sorry bout that:) just thought i would rant a little. no offence meant to you or anything ofcourse:)

07 July 2002, 05:35 PM
of course, the name is not that well chosen.
I call it, since I discovered poly modelling in
max, Polygonal Modelling or Subdivision Modelling.
But I mostly start from a box, a cylinder or, if
I want to use poly-by-poly modelling with a plane.

So, call it how you want :p

07 July 2002, 04:34 PM
hey thx for the responses!
so how exactly would i go about the subdivision "box" method? im basically wanting to model my first head. im a total n00b to 3d and dont really know how this works too well. any tutorials for it would be great. btw im using max.

07 July 2002, 07:43 PM
Do a search for "time lapse modeling" on the net. You will get a very good idea of how to model a character. Sure, you won't be expected to do it as well as most that you see, but they are very good at showing techniques.

Sorry i don't have any links right now, and i'm too lazy to find them right now.

07 July 2002, 10:50 PM
As an alternative to "Box" or meshsmooth modelling, Dave K's head tutorial (poly extrusion of a refernce shot) is soo good (man...he's sooo good!) i think.

Good stuff

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