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07 July 2002, 08:44 AM
Hi, I need advice about setting up photoshop for digital painting.

I am unsure what brush properties I should link to pen pressure, pen tilt, etc. For example I am unsure whether to link opacity to pen pressure. Also, what brush shapes, and other dynamics should I use to create realistic results.
Any other tips on how I can simulate traditional oil painting in ps would be good.

I use ps7 and a wacom intuos2.

Oh, yeah, if anyone would be willing to post a custom brush file as an example of the correct settings, I would greatly appreciate it.


07 July 2002, 11:42 AM
Not an easy question to answer as everyone has their own preferences, it's a very personal thing.

Your best bet is to mess about with some of the Brush presets that ship with PS7, you can load extra libraries from the brushes palette, try the natural media libraries, going through the brushes until you find a few that you like. you can then tweak those settings and save your new brushes as presets of your own.

As setting opacity to pressure, that's up to you :) Try it, and if you like it, do it.

Ultimately though, if it's the look of oil paints you want Painter is a better bet than PS7. Photoshop has vastly improved it's brush engine with this release but to get the feel of blending in oils (ie wet on wet) you still need to use Painter. Photoshop cannot simulate wet media, so the look is more like watercolour or gouache. With a lot of blending you can work round this though.

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