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05 May 2004, 10:02 PM
you might have to c/c/p the link in your browser or you might get page missing.

works for zbrush version2.0

i even updated a TIP on the Link.
To LOAD it
goto zscript >load
find the >LOAD-ME.ZSC File
you will be promp what to do

Let me explain
all buttons on the UI will drop a tool at the bottom of your UI / interface

starting on the top left button (Picture Frame)
you would choses a NON 3d tool like the (simple brush)
then click the picture frame button
it makes a picture frame around the canvas realy fast
you may change Draw SIZE or material or alpha while doing this
it has UNDO and REDO if you mess up
zbrush lets you UNDO 1 at a time
since the frame maker has to go around the canvas 4 times
i made a button so it UNDO/REDO 4 Times.

button bellow that (Z2 Tool)
this is realy a good tool i use it all the time
chose the button (Begin Modeling)
this set up a 2 Zsphere and symmerty super fast
it has axis buttons to face your zsphere on a certain axis
it has (left , right , front , back , top , bottom , back)
it has a button called (repeat stroke)
if you add a zsphere and want to add another in the same postion
and same size this button does this
NOTE zbrush BUG do not use this if your RECORDING
it records extra strokes.
(Z2 Tool)
it has a (PULL) button
this puts you in MOVE mode to move/pull
(Z2 Tool)
it has a (MAKE POLYMESH)
i added a little extra to it because any time you chose (make polymesh)
you have then go click your polymesh tool to load it
my button i added Loads the polymesh into the tool pallete in 1 click
not 2.
it has a (Density slider) to set the mesh density to make it boxy looking
or smooth.
(Z2 Tool)
it has a (FIX-ME) Button
zbrush has a bug
if you change density while in edit mode and then pull on the mesh
then go in and out of preview mode the mesh could wad up looking deformed
this will fixs it.
(Z2 Tool)
it has (edge loop)
i chose to add this because its easy access then to goto the drop down menue
it has Divide and un divide
this divide the mesh.....................................................

the button below that (3D TEXT)
This is realy cool
and is ALLSO Keyboard operated
it loads the letter A-Z as alpha then press a letter on your keyboard
and it turns the flat alpha text into a editabul 3D Text
you can set the thichness and how sharp you want it to look.


the 3 light blue buttons on top (expand , gravity , flatten)
all have (showme) buttons these are tutorial on how it works
this is pretty cool
this is set up to use with mask
a sample would be i masked half of a arm
then chose the (Flatten button) then you move your curser SLOWY to right
or left of the button and it will flatten the arm very FAST
its so fast you need to do it slowy or you could crash
to fast for zbrush
if you notice if you chose the flatten slider in the tool deformation pallete
you have to move it then let go to see the effect
by chosing the button and moving your curser to the right or left of the button
you can visualize and see it happening
its WAY Better then using the default slider and super fast
if you Mask in the middle of your 3D Object then chose flatten if you move your curser to the right it effects that side if your move your curser to the left it effects the left side.


TIP if you dont like the image buttons were there at hold Down your CTRL key and drag the buttons to were ever you like
THEN chose>prefrances>config>save UI and over write the UICustom4.cfg
UI 4
NOW when ever you use the tool again they will load in the same place you put them in.

please check CREDIT .TXT

05 May 2004, 11:25 PM

Awsome, this is great- I am just starting out w/ ZB2 and I am going to try this out tonight and I will give you feedback here in the thread. Just skimming the features I am excited to try the E-Z 3D type using the alpha- I was just going through the tutorial today on alphas and I was thinking about 3D type- this looks like it will make it nice and E-Z ;) :beer:

06 June 2004, 12:01 AM
hey EZ
what happened over at 3dbuzz man you were one of the best people onboard

anyhooo great stuff cant wait to see more of your tips and tricks

06 June 2004, 01:49 AM
if you need help just ask or any questions...

long story

here is a sample of 3D Text from a flat alpha image.
the image below was in version 1.5
note the tool above is for version 2.0

06 June 2004, 05:19 AM
Heres a dumb question, but do you guys know how to prevent the loaded items in the Tutorial View ZScript Window from disappearing if you click off on something? I seem to have to reload the script when I do this- thanks

06 June 2004, 06:52 AM
when it loads you will see a image
ok click the image
you have to click the image Twice
as soon as you do it disapears
its no longer needed it just a loader script so the other image buttons can load.

every time you click a new button a new tool will drop down in the tutorial view window
thats were each tool loads once you click a new button..

im not sure about what you said about if you click off on something?
shut down zbrush and restart

make sure your scree resoulution is at 1024 x 768

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