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07 July 2002, 12:31 AM
yop yop
never too late ....

07 July 2002, 01:18 AM
hmm-i can hardly see what you are going to do. so my advice would be that you post a sketch of yours!
btw. fine modelling till now!

07 July 2002, 01:26 AM
nice pyjama :) :p

07 July 2002, 04:14 PM
damn :)

francis bacon style ... i can imagine what would be the result

show us a sketch ;)


07 July 2002, 02:20 PM
Sorry but i haven't scanner here, so i can't scan and show you my sketchs.

For the next challenge....i hope.

07 July 2002, 03:08 PM
Hey oury, nice anatomically-complete set of legs you have made. Would you mind telling us a little bit about your idea for this piece.
What is it based upon?
What is its functin in life?
What is its burden?
Things like that might help us out when trying to come up with critiques for the piece, since all I can say right now is "oh some legs with a vagina in between them...ok".

07 July 2002, 04:19 PM
I would to make a beast, between the chiken and the dog, with a big barrel of beer on his back and his driver on his shoulder.
It's a little abstract said like this, but i hope that you will can understand what i want to say, very soon.


07 July 2002, 11:37 PM
yop yop

07 July 2002, 11:41 PM
waiting to see the head ...

Steve Warner
07 July 2002, 12:14 AM
Woah! Modeled from the ass up! :) You've got a great sense of weight to the stomach and chest. Very convincing. The bend in the right leg, however, looks a little off. I'd expect to see more of a crease from where the calf and the thigh touch as the leg is bent so much. Other than that, this is looking great!


07 July 2002, 12:17 AM
pom pom

07 July 2002, 01:04 AM
Ohhhh I get it now. That's pretty wild. I can't wait to see more of it.

07 July 2002, 01:07 AM
yep yep pom pom

nice avatar oury

no just kidding ..good work , waiting head, rest of body and everything
i know you have total control of the situation


07 July 2002, 02:52 PM
nice concept oury :p :thumbsup:

07 July 2002, 04:35 PM
What ? You start from the butt ? What kind of modelling process is that ? After the box modelling comes the butt modelling, a brand new approach ?!? :p

I find the little detail (to say the least) in the first picture quite disturbing, i wonder what it is.
How is it going to move ? By butt jumping ? :bounce:

Anyway i saw your site and found great stuff in there so i look forward to seeing what you come along with.

07 July 2002, 12:07 AM
Thanks very much for your critiques and encouragements.
About my beast, he can walk whitout problem, but his positon is for the moment motionless.
about the methode, i had begun with a simple box, to make a foot, then extrude a ankle, then a tibia, etc...

So i have done the arms.
It's time to reflect about the head ....:)

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