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07 July 2002, 04:31 PM
I REALLY hope softimage do something about the educational pricing of XSI!

Generally speaking, University courses and other educational facilities seem to not see XSI as a viable alternative, especially due to maya and 3dsmax's dirt cheap educational pricing schemes.

With deals from AliasWavefront that include not just the basic software but also trainning from their reps (so people can become certified maya instuctors), and 3dsmaz 5 educational sellling for $99 (so I hear, dunno if that's US dollars). :surprised

The Softimage guys really need to make it more attractive to educational facilities. I'm flat out getting one copy of XSI at uni, while the uni has a number of 3dsmax labs, and a major Maya studio in the works. :mad:

What do u guys think?
Has anyone heard anything about Softimage maybe changing their educational pricing schemes?

07 July 2002, 10:07 AM
hmm i dunno. here in vancouver in my college (CDIS) they always tought maya and soft3d and since XSI came out they've been teaching maya and xsi. i've heard from many ppl that softimage provided super great discount for xsi right in the beginning so my school switched from soft3d to xsi right after 1.0 version (which sucked badly at that time). basically until version 2.0 xsi wasn't ready but with 2.0 there are leaps after leaps of goodiness :)

well you having hard time coz i assume you are asking for 1 or few stations of xsi and that's ofcourse would be not good for university. but if your university will ever deside to start teaching xsi then i'm sure for many seats they will get super discouts coz it's in softimage's interest. the problem is that your university has no interest, not softimage.

plus another thing about almost no xsi schools is coz
1: it's very new, like a child
2: there aren't many certified instructors in the world for it since (point #1)
i know that in canada there are only 7 certified xsi instructors (hmm or was it in north america instead of canada? hmm)

anyway good luck in your search. my hint is: use kaaza for all your searches ;) that's ofcourse if you got nothing better

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