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05 May 2004, 01:24 PM
here is another sketch that I did up, of a dragon this time, that my faithful friend, Gillian Slaunwhite, painted up in Painter. My sketch, her painting.
This was actually done about a month before the other post I have on here that she did (chimera concept).

05 May 2004, 04:27 PM
AT first sight, pretty cool, but it looks a little weird though, it's wings aren't supposed to be muscualir in my opinion, the hairy parts don't do it any good, her arms and legs look very cool, but her frontarms are way to thin. You should have put more time in the lava as well.

05 May 2004, 04:29 PM

05 May 2004, 06:14 PM
Nice pic (both the pencil render and the finished piece), but my first impression is, "It'll never fly!" The wingspan would need to be considerably wider to offset the weight of this dragon. Nice detail with regards to the musculature. Looks like you did a lot of research for that. I'd suggest, though, that you consider the position of the legs. Right now the dragon looks like it's crawling and would constantly be scraping it's knees. If you look at this chameleon photo
the upper arm/leg is parallel to the body and the ground. This would allow the dragon to spring upward before it takes to the air. Also, the neck looks like it's bent to allow the head to fit in the picture. If you straighten and shorten the neck so that it is partially eclipsed by and forms a "^" with the head (like a horse) I think it would look better. I agree with Deathropolis that her wrists are too thin.

On a final note, I like your sketch better than the painted final, no disrespect to your friend intended. I just think that the color obscures some of the finer details of your sketch.

05 May 2004, 07:27 PM
Thanks for your crits - I personally do not think that the wings are too muscular, but that's up to each viewer. I have sometimes tended to make the wings a little too small for the creature ( a griffon I posted about 3 months ago got the same crit!). I've been working on that in my newer works (this is an old sketch) Just wanted to hear what people thought of it - Gill might update it if she'd like to - she's not registered here yet, but may soon! Thanks again!

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