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05 May 2004, 11:54 PM
well i thought id get in with the tick b4 some one else did
i realy want to finish this but got busy weeks ahead of me...

im doing the tick just got to go find reference now any help :D



most of the pics are down cause of my free host going down or out of bandwith cure u viewers lol

but i hosted this on photobucket

05 May 2004, 12:13 AM
OMG i forgot him!!!

Good choice!!!

:beer: :beer: :beer:

05 May 2004, 01:01 AM

had some spair time about 15 min

i realy got to get better ref im working from images no bigger than 125 by 250 :(

05 May 2004, 01:39 AM

little update 616 tri's

looks strange i think ill fix it up after i make some arms

05 May 2004, 03:08 AM
almost finished

1386 tri's

should i post a new post for updates or just edit posts??

05 May 2004, 03:40 AM
wow you finished him really fast, now i was wondering if you could post some of your refs, i remember he had messed up proportions but i can't remember how bad, so just a ref pic or two would really help.

05 May 2004, 04:29 AM
used that for the face

that was in the viewport behing my model for some body shapeing

a pose i found after i modeled him
and a cool face the tick is pulling

05 May 2004, 09:15 AM
yove got some strange things goin on with the image links - my norton firewall pops up whenever i view your post....

05 May 2004, 09:18 AM
yeah maybe because because of the news script i use to upload images stuffs up and uploads then to
instead of

if that makes and sence

05 May 2004, 12:06 PM
Well it looks pretty much spot on after seeing those. Only thing is maybe bulk up his arms a little they look kinda weak compared to the chest and ref images., very nice work tho.

05 May 2004, 12:47 PM
still cant see anything. Even if i permit this page in my firewall.
Isnt there a more conventional way you can show your images?

05 May 2004, 05:47 PM
Cant see em either!!

SPOOOOON!!! I wanna see him!!! pleeeaasee!!!

:cry: :cry:

05 May 2004, 11:23 PM
ok it was my free host out of bandwith and now i cant get to there site

so i used photobucket or something to host it

05 May 2004, 01:40 PM

Dont forget - the deadline is in 2 days (20th May)
Please, PLEASE try and get it entered because theres a severe lack of finished work on show!

05 May 2004, 01:41 PM
i got him finished just not sure what to do for the texture.

thats all :(

ill make sure to finish him torrow bed time for me now tho thanks * 999999999 for the reminder tho

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