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04 April 2004, 12:07 AM
this was made in lightwave over the past week i designed the 2 characters, made the bones, set up the IK and the endomorphs and got help for the weight maps. its not a very complicated animation, but its my first character design and my first animation ever, im just trying to get the hang of animating characters before i try a full animated short, comments and criticism greatly appreciated.

Gir And Piggy.avi 44sec [2.63megs] (

04 April 2004, 01:11 AM
that was good.. but iwas expecting it to be longer.
i loved the music

i wish i could do that. even if its simple

04 April 2004, 01:18 AM
hehe looking good, you have got a lot further than i have with the animation.

the main comment is the robot looks a bit floaty. unless that is what you want.

Otherwise it is a good start....keep it up

04 April 2004, 07:03 AM
only 2 replies and no criticisim?

04 April 2004, 09:07 PM
Originally posted by r0ssr0ss
only 2 replies and no criticisim?

Hey r0ssr0ss.

I saw your animation yesterday, and didnt' reply because I was lazy. Now that I've read some of the replies, I think i'll give you some better advice.
I'm going to critique this piece as I will critique any other piece. A straight up critique on the visuals I see in front of me. Keep in mind, I do know this is your first animation and we have to start somewhere. But I find it hard to critique work taking that into acount, I become too lienient, and just say "it looks good" to not hurt feelings. But in the end, all that does is hold them back, because they think it was good, and it wasn't
Ok, so what im getting at is:
Now, I by no means mean to offend, but the word "good" really can't be used to describe this piece. It isn't very good.
The animation I found to be very weak.
The starting credits and title were a tad too long. Most people dont need 4 seconds to read 3 words.
The end credits were a bit too long too.(props for giving credit wear credit is due though. :) )
Ok, im going to go over the animation now, to help you improve your skills.
His first walk in needs to be slowed way down for the amount of steps he takes. It looks like he's "skating" towards teh pig.
When he stops, and settles it looks like the same keyframes spaced out over half a second, and letting the spline curve do the in betweens. Thats lazy, and looks really floaty.
Throught your animation the floaty spline inbetweens kept reacuring from pose to pose. I good tip to start battling this is to not be afraid to use more keys for inbetweens. Your allowed to set your own inbetweens too, the program usually doesn't do the best job :)
When he throws the pig in the air, the timing doesn't read very well, and the pig seems to take off at too constant of a speed. It should be accelerating away, slowing into is arc up at the top, and accelerating back down untill impact.
The pig comes back into frame and impacts on a really weird angle.
When the dude runs back towards the pig, the same "skating" issue is occuring again, yet the opposite of how it was walking in. His run cycle is too fast for the amount of distance he is traveling. You need to either slow the run cycle down, or have the pig about twice as far away for him to reach to in the same time for his feet to look like they stick more. (wow, run on sentance)
As well when he's running away, he is running on an angle, "power sliding" towards teh pig, you gotta rotate him so his chest is facing into the direction of the run, not the pig.
Now those are just basic observations of the overall piece.
If you can nail these down for your next animation, I could get in more depth about slow in, slow out, aniticpation etc, which all around this piece lacks.
If you want to watch your animation improve by leaps and bounds everyday you animate, read "Richard Williams - The animators survival kit"
Buy this book and pick your favorite cycle, and try to re-create it in 3d.
You'll learn so much from this book i guarantee it'll blow your mind.
It did for me.

If you dont understand anything I wrote in my reply, just ask and I can elaborate. I'm at work and in a hurry to finish writing this, so not proof reading.

Congrats on your first animation, you've got tonnes to improve on, it should be fun. :)

PS Buy that book, trust me :)


04 April 2004, 10:28 PM
Yeah, the floatiness is issue number one. When Gir comes to a stop he needs to come to a stop. His feet need to seem like they are planting on the run. Issue number two: Gir needs to snap into the poses, not glide into and past them, this way you can get a lot more acting into a small amount of time. Watch Zim, Im sure they do that on the show. Or watch Warner.
If you want another book, I learned all I know from "Disney Animation: the Illusion of Life" by Thomas and Johnston.

04 April 2004, 01:04 AM
after reading Rudity's little speech there.. dont think i said it was good just to make u feel good.
i said it was good bcus im new to all of this and i dont think i am capable of making something like that yet.

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