View Full Version : Modeling: Eye lashes - using noise and FFD?

04 April 2004, 10:00 PM
The question is about making eye lashes for a character. The basic idea is to loft an individual lash and then use a 3x3 FFD to shape it.

Then I'd like to make a some kind of an array of lashes and add a different noise to the end vertex (green dots) of the lash and possibly to the base of the lashes (mostly to control the length and position of the lash) and then to use a custom-size FFD to shape the lash-array to fit the eyelids.

So the question is what would be the best (or the working) approach to be able to control both the length of the lash and the position of the base, yet maintain the ability to noise those factors and then use the FFD to fit the whole (lash array) into place. I tried using noise on an instanced 20-lash array and then FFD:ing it but the end result wasn't what that good - one of the basic needs for me would also be able to noise the rotation of the lashes. Ideas?

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