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04 April 2004, 06:42 PM

i'm currently working on a project in maya, and i've encountered some pretty serious problems with the maya rendrer. the scenes i've set up contain of really detailed cad models, exported from solidworks through iges and polytrans, and then into maya. the models are not reduced in any kind of way. heavy polygon geometry.

most of my scene sizes are around 200-250mb, but unlike the model geometry i've used rather plain shaders and lighting in the scenes because i want low render times.

i use the command batch render when i render, but it has a tendency to crash most of the times i try. seems like it goes out of memory (got 1gb, and cannot afford any more at the moment),and displays the error

'frame triangle count: 0
an error has accured. rendering aborted'

the temporary solution for my problem has been to do a lot of close ups, and delete the geometry around the viewport. seems like it works when i get the frame triangle count down to around 2 million.

anyhow. imported the same models into 3d studio max, and it works fine when rendering there.

this is my problem...
my question is:

are there any suggestions on how to get maya to use less ram/memory for the renderings? i've unchecked all 4 of the mem & performance option boxes in render globals (was suggested on another forum), unchecked the auto clipping cam, optimized scene sizes and deleted all unnessesary nodes.
it helped, but on the most complex scenes it's still a problem to render!!!

why this crazy memory usage???
are there any options i can tweek, or does anyone have another plugin- or stand-alone render to suggest?

please help, i'm desperate.
i take pride in using maya, but this is a major turn-down... :(

04 April 2004, 06:18 AM
Maybe I misunderstood you, but as I understand it you are starting batch render from the Maya Render menu. If you're doing that you're really using up twice as much memory as neccessary. The batch rendering is a completely separate thread that you can invoke either from a command prompt or from explorer.

Do this:
1. Close Maya
2. Start up Windows Explorer and right click on your scene file and choose render from the menu. The batch render will now start without the overhead of running the Maya user interface. (The project must be set beforehand in Maya though, by Set Project in File Menu, so that the filepaths are correct.)

If this doesn't solve your problem try using the command Render Diagnostics from the Render Menu in Maya. This can help a lot. Sometimes when importing from CAD you will have a small surface with 100 000 polys that isn't even visible in your scene because it is inside something else, or behind it. The diagnostics can sometimes alert you to this and you can hide those surfaces and not waste render effort on them.

04 April 2004, 08:10 AM
some tips on that:

- like written before: be sure you close maya GUI before rendering.
- a poly count of 2 mio will be close to what is possible with 1 Gig ram..
- try instancing parts of the model: maybe there are same groups of parts. delete the original ones and duplicate them with the instance option. like that you save LOADs of memory.
- if groups are not the same, but the objects are symetrical, use the cut tool to split them in half and make the other half an instance again.
- check highend 3d for the plugin: polyReducePlanar. works great on poly objects imported from CAD.
(i guess you are using polies.. if not: be sure to propperly set the tesselation for your nurbs surfaces)

good luck


04 April 2004, 12:03 PM
hey guys

i do use the command line rendrer. haven't tried the right click render thing, but i believe the command line is even better to use.
don't think i got a polycound at 2 millions. dunno why the rendrer postst it, but it says (for instance) 'frame triangle count: 2452863'.
That's probably the highest i've got when it still rendered...

i also use polyReducePlanar. works great, but obviously
not great enough. i know there are methods to decrease the
geometry, but the main issue here is that it fills up the memory
withough actually needing to. other 3d packages render the
scenes really nice, without raping the memory. maya don't :|

04 April 2004, 12:35 PM
Originally posted by pivot
i know there are methods to decrease the
geometry, but the main issue here is that it fills up the memory
withough actually needing to. other 3d packages render the
scenes really nice, without raping the memory. maya don't :|

so then i dont get the point.. render it in max..

04 April 2004, 06:27 PM
i like maya....
and we don't have the seamless connection between maya
and max... yet. should have polytrans for maya and max.

but. there isn't any other ways to solve the maya problem?
no settings of any kind to make it use less memory?
i would really like the 'use cache' function to work
on geometry too, but I haven't had any luck on that yet...

any suggestions on other rendrers for maya then?

04 April 2004, 07:21 AM
hmm.. if you mean is there a button or setting somewhere that when checked makes maya only use half the memory?
no.. i am quite sure there isnt.
one last thing that can help a bit in lowering the mem usage:
- dont use and if so limit the mem usage for motion blur
- when rendering command line:
limit the bucket size to small values. (tile height and width)
that will prevent having maya to load huge amounts of polies into ram while rendering.
- dont use ray tracing

sorry.. but i dont think threre is a real solution.. if so: i want to hear it as well :)



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