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04 April 2004, 04:24 AM
so i render a shadow to its own layer, and take it into fcheck.

(cant see it cause its black) but its is on the alpha matte- all is fine a good.

then i export the whole thing to a tiff sequence, and it doesnt whow up at all in after FX. its just a blank layer.

then when i open the said tiff sequence in Fcheck again to see whats up with it, there is no more alpha matte, (everything is black). the REALLY weird thing is in theory, there should be nothing there (should be clear if theres no white on the alpha)<--right?

>wrong, my shadow is now vibrant blue, and shows up on only when "all channels" are sellected-

what in gods name is wrong with it?

plz help-:cry: im in a time crunch and this might be my demise...

04 April 2004, 05:37 AM
My assumption is that it when you converted it over to a tiff, it moved the alpha map into the blue channel. I don't understand why this is that big of a problem. You've got an 8-bit layer in the blue channel to use as your shadows. You can color correct that channel, or like in shake you can reorder the channels so that th blue would feed into the RBG giving you a black and white image.

04 April 2004, 05:01 AM
yeah this really shouldnt be that big of a problem. problem is i done have shake. just after FX. would you happen to know how to adjust the channel order in after FX?

also- in theory, how can anything be on any of the channels, if there is nothing on the alpha. its all just black?- and in after FX, its completely transparent.

this is soo frustrating and also very emabrassing, because this is a lame problem.

if worse comes to worse, im just going to make everything green, except the stuff i want and put it in final cut and composite it via green screen.

but thats way ghetto, and im hungry for knowledge.

04 April 2004, 06:42 PM
i use targa file format and never have that problem.....

just to be sure, you rendered out of MAYA in the iff format, then opened in fchek.... saw that the frames were black.... but that the alfa layer had the shadows?... this all sounds normal so far... next you went to "save animation" in fcheck and saved the files as a tiff sequence...

then you oped the tiff seq in fcheck... and there is no mask.... but it is somehow in the blue channel?.....

well that is really odd, try a diff format... like targa... and the reason that afterFx didn't make the whole layer invisible is most likely because there is no alpha at all... it will only use trancpaerncy on a 32 bit image not on a 24 bit image....

hope that helps....

04 April 2004, 10:21 AM
In a command prompt you can use imgcvt to convert a sequence and keep the alpha

imgcvt -v -n 1 8 1 W:\yourpath\imagename.@.iff W:\yourpath\imagename.@.tga

-v means verbose
-n first frame, last frame , step

You can simply drag and drop a image to the command prompt and replace the number by a @ ( one digit ) or # ( four digits )

and you'll recieve a message like this :
imgcvt : converting bedroom_2k_CAM_LShape.2131.iff to bedroom_2k_CAM_LShape.2131.tga, RLE tga format 2048x1536x32

12 December 2004, 01:40 AM
I had the same problem and I think I have the solution for you. I thought with fcheck, you had to open an animation, press "A" to get to the Alpha channel, and save the alpha channel as a TIFF sequence itself. When I did this, the alpha sequence that came out was blue and there was no alpha information like you said.

Instead, do not press "A", stay in the the "C" all colors channel and save out the animation normally. The alpha channel will be embeded in these TIFF files.

In After Effects, import the sequence (make sure you check "TIFF Sequence"!) and then keep it as Straight-Unmatted and the alpha will be applied. Hope that helps!

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