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Howard Day
01 January 2002, 04:52 PM
OK, folks. If you want to see the good stuff, go right on to the last page. If you'd like to see the creation of this model, resume on this page. Thanks!

There is, of course, no way I'll finish this in time.

EDIT> I was right. :) <EDIT

Never the less, I feel compelled to try.
I'd also like to congratulate the other participants for their incredible display of artistic talent.
I'm going with a bit more "mech" looking arm for this. I'm trying to get across the feeling of a lobster-like creature, but alas, it seems to be more like a cowboy with eye-stalks. The pain. I think it might have something to do with the pants and massive belt buckle. That hat isn't helping either.
The pics:

Motion test for the CLAW:

And the "wings" are going to be that back-pack-sorta-thingie.

Comments are, of course, welcome.

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 01:24 AM
All right, then. 97 views and still nobody likes me. Oh, well. C'mon guys! Challenge ain't over yet!

01 January 2002, 01:49 AM
Well, not so bad, but the head is not really readable and he looks more like a gardener than a pirate :)

01 January 2002, 01:59 AM
ok sorry didn't see this post :p
At this point of your modelling, you should play a bit with proportions, for now he looks a bit off.. try to point on one or two main ideas and push them. Your armored arm looks good, but you could go further, like a big caterpilar thing, and your idea of snail eyes is good too ( dunno why , but I like it :D ) so maybe you should get rid of that human head below and go for a total snail head witheyes going out the hat (you're right, it looks like a cowboy one for now). :D :D

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 04:13 AM
Joebount: Heh! You're right! I can just imagine this guy clipping excess branches off a tree... :)
Pascal:Quite right. I was going for a large claw on one side and a small claw on the other. And Think Lobster, not Snail, Mr Snailmaster...

You guys might want to keep in mind that this is my first ever character done with MAX. So a little patience would be appreciated. :)
Now the new stuff:
Playing with final textures for the claw:
New version of the pirate:

Enjoy, and comment!

01 January 2002, 04:38 AM
better.. you should work on the connection between eyes and head

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 04:56 AM
Heh. That one's easy. There is no connection between the eyes and the head. :) Nor will there be. I think. I will make a hat for him, better than that goofy floppy cowboy hat (incidently, I'm not sure where that went wrong. It started out looking quite spiffy.)

Thus a connection would be needless. But for you, pascal...I'll do it. :)

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 05:28 AM
Ok. Connected the eyes to the head - also testing textures.
You can see the new hat under construction off to the side there. Anyone know a good site for hats? :)

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 09:14 AM
Wow. Amazingly few replies to this. I know I'm not quite up to Pascal's level when it comes to character modeling, but sheesh.
Anyhow, Lots of new stuff. Added mouth, nostrils, pants, textures for the claw, and hair. The last on was tricky, as I don't have Shag - Fur or -Hair. Oh, well.

Any comments are welcome!

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 01:07 PM
And even more. C'mon guys! I feel like I'm talking to myself here! :)
Added better hair, mustach (sp?), shoes (rough beta form) and made the transition between the torso and the claw a bit more varied.

Anyone have anything to say? :)

01 January 2002, 02:57 PM
perhaps you could add some details that really
would sell him as a pirate?
like a skull emblem on his chest where the two straps
also making his pants end higher up in pirate fashion (also striped pants?) also another arm would be nice, holding a jug of rum or something..
would be cooler if he had a cannon attached to his arm (not cyberstyle, but old style) instead of a scissor or perhaps
a grappling hook. some small powderkegs attached to his belt.
if you go for the cannon,

I would also play with the snail aspect, especially if you dont add the extra arm,

I made a quickie sketch of a snail pirate... it has lots of work leftout detailwise, but you get an extreme of a snail character.

Even if you design a realistic character you must be able to recognise his persona, and what he is instantly.

feel free to check out my entry, I have gone for the true pirate approach. Real pirates today or even in the future look nothing like Captain Hook, but playing with stuff established in peoples mindset will give your character character. When people animate, they exaggerate. Exaggerate the same way when you design..

sorry for the rant, but you wanted comments.. :D

01 January 2002, 02:57 PM
Hi Howard.

Hehe.. I've got the same problem in my thread. Im talking (almost) to myself.. :-)

Your model is coming along nicely. Love that robotic arm and them snaileyes. Head is coming along nicely, but i can't remember seeing a snail with hair like that.. :-)

Got a few suggestions though. You should probably add another joint in the shoulderarea of your robotic arm. As it is now it looks as if its got nothigh to hang on to. Guess you could add some shoulderpads instead.

Another thing is the pex. They look a bit squareish (is that how its spelled?) Maybe you could round them off a bit. That would do wonders on your model.

Love them belts and them small containers on the belts.

Best of luck to ya.:)

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 03:11 PM
jimpajammer: Thanks much for the comments, and rant. Many of the points you raised were on my mind allready. I'm kinda going for a more futuristic look, so powder kegs and the like may not be appropriate. However, their future equivilent might look good, though. I do plan on adding swords, cannons and other such. And don't take this wrong, but your snail sketch doesn't exactly scream "PIRATE"!!! :) And as I've been saying all along, It's not a Snail, it's a Lobster or Crabbish type creature.

IronGoblin: Sucks not to be Pascal, eh? And the hair makes it alien, and cool, and fufills the "tail" requirements. :) There's a cup that is attached to the shoulder that the arm is attached to. Now that you mention it, it does look kinda loose. I'll add some more gizmos in there. And as for the pecs, they're allready in the process of being re-built.

Thanks once again for your comments. They are all very helpfull and instructive.

I'll be back with more tomorrow!

01 January 2002, 03:36 PM
made two adjustments to the sketch to prove my point
that the details makes him a pirate... And yes.. now he really screams pirate..... :D

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 06:06 PM
Where'd everyone go?
Starting work on the Left arm...

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 05:18 AM
Ok, now this is ridiculous. Do I really suck that bad?
Gee, I hope not.

Adam Klein
01 January 2002, 09:19 AM
Lots of progress in little time, nice.

looks like Jar-Jar Binks and Pascel's Snailmaster had a baby half-mec.


01 January 2002, 10:32 AM
Maybe it shouldn't look like Pascal's snail guy.
If I was him I'd be pissed at you..
At least change the texture....

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 01:30 PM
OK. First off, I did not design this to resemble anything done by Pascal Blanche'. Perish the thought. And as for the texture change, what color would you suggest? Green is out. :)
As for the Jar-Jar Binks reference...Ouch. I don't know what to change to get rid of that...

New stuff:
Added funky pants, shoulder thing and minor modelling fixes all over the pirate. Shoes have been altered as well.

Front view for proportion purposes.

Any suggestions are welcome! If not followed to the letter... :)

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 05:57 PM
OK, Here're some color swatches. these ar pretty old, and I'm already going down another road.

BTW, Pascal, are you still hanging around this thread? I just wondered if you though this tread too close to your snailmaster pic.
Any prefrences or comments? :)

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 08:18 PM
OK, guys. I'm starting to wonder if I should try to finish this in time for the 1st. Given the lack of feedback, I'm sort of modelling blind here. I'm not surehow I'm doing, because I don't have an objective viewpoint. You can bet that I'll at least consider entering the next challenge - right at the start. See if I can give the titans a run for their money.
Allright - here's the new stuff. I got as far away from the "Snail" refrence as possible. He doesn't look all that much like JarJar anymore, either.
Not sure what happened with the shoes and lower legs here. Seems to be a lighting problem...

Please, folks - Comment!

Howard Day
02 February 2002, 01:45 PM
Ok, guys. This is the last update I'll post here. I'll move it over to the 3D Art forums, since I still have a way to go. Thanks to all of you who did comment, and I'm just sad there weren't more...

Go ahead and comment over at the new thread!

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