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04 April 2004, 02:41 PM
hey there!

i am trying to make fantasy figures like those from buffy or matrix. the figures should look realistic and they are very tiny.

i got a sculpey but dont know if its optimal for working. its the premo sculpey. i also heard from super sculpey? what are the differences?

please help!


04 April 2004, 07:06 AM
Here's a page that will answer most of your questions.

The Plymer Clay Pit (

Basically Super sculpey is flesh coloured only and an excellent all round polymer clay. It can be a little brittle if baked incorrectly but it sounds like what you need.

Sculpey Premo is available in colours but (imho) not as easy to create small detail with and difficult on large sculpts.

The site above states:

Super sculpey:

Used by movie animation studios and professionals worldwide for prototypes, maquettes, and all kinds of dolls. Super Sculpey has a long track record as a superb clay for sculpting. The finest detail is achievable and added clay can be smoothed in seamlessly.

and Sculpey Premo

Premo comes in a glorious colour range - the colours are named after artist’s paint colours and mix beautifully. The clay is soft and usable straight from the packet, but still retains a good firmness for detailed work. It is smoothable and strong after baking. Highly suitable for jewellery, millefiori, miniatures, sculpting, vessels, and all other techniques. Recommended as a clay for professional use

HOWEVER....a little line at the bottom gives you a clue....

Please note that this is a completely different clay to Sculpey III; Premo is not as soft as Sculpey III and much stronger after baking .

To be honest, everyone has there own preference and you will need to try a few before you know. I personally wouldn't be happy without an 8lb block of Super Sculpey by my side.

04 April 2004, 10:18 PM
I lucked out in that a friend of mine has gotten into sculpting and is giving me tips on everything from wax to sculpey.

Roughly you want Sculpey but to start out you can use the primo also. To get the basic shap use wire and tin foil with blobs of sculpey to hold the non flexing areas. Then bake it. then add another layer then bake it. then add another layer as you shape and then ...

bake it.

notice the pattern there...

you have to bake it 15min for every 1/4th inch so you don't want to build it up and done right will be time consuming. Sculpey is pretty soft so if you work on it before baking you cna destroy previous work so it is a good idea to bake it (Think of it as saving your work in progress. ) how often is something ou will have to develope a feel for but if you do it like you do when modeling a 3d model... save (bake) after every major edit you'll be on teh right track.

I just purchased a turn table like device for $18 big enough to hold a figure while I work on it. After seeing my friend using it I can't see not having it since it means I don't have to handle the model.

Also a dremel or drill to make holes in the wood where you will put your armature wire. when modeling use scrap wood. save the nice bases for when you are finished.

That is as much as I have absorbed so far.

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