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03 March 2004, 06:46 PM
i have a scene set up with two shadow casting, photon emitting spotlights, which cast the shadows with the look i had in mind. after i added the physical lights node to both the lights, i had to increase the intensity, and color values (which i believe has to do with the decay rate of the lights?)
anyways, my problem now, is i lost the shadows cast previous to the physical lights...
there are two settings within the physical lights i dont understand, one is the SHADOW THREASHOLD, and the other is FLAT AREA DISTRIBUTION. would either of these options effect shadow casting? i have adjusted and experimented with them both, leaving them at default zero, and raising them to different values

also, what are the advantages to a physical light node? is it more physically accurate? does it speed up render times?

any input would help, thanx in advance:)

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