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03 March 2004, 02:25 AM
I have ten files need to render in MR,
so I write a batch file below,but it always stop after
render the first file ,and can't keep render the other files,
could anybody help me check what's wrong???

set maya_install_path=C:\AliasWavefront\Maya5.0
mayarender_with_mr -batch -proj D:\water\Sand\maya -file t.mb
mayarender_with_mr -batch -proj D:\water\Sand\maya -file tt.mb

03 March 2004, 03:06 AM
Is the first frame rendered at all?.

If so, have you set start and end frame correctly for mentalray?. As you see sometimes this start and end frame seems to work independently from the maya software renderer.

It's "defaultRenderGlobals.endFrame" and "mentalrayGlobals.endFrame" sometimes has different value.

03 March 2004, 03:29 AM
Thanks for your reply.

I mean I've finished the render of fisrt cut(the first file),
all the frames in the fisrt file were rendered.

the problem is the batch render can't keep going on to
the next file...

03 March 2004, 09:38 AM
I remember having this problem as well. I never found a solution (maybe there´s some "continue" command or something I don´t know about). The only workaround was to create a separate bat file for each render, then an Über-bat file which launches them all consecutively... I know, it sucks...

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