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03 March 2004, 10:27 PM
hi i've always used blendshapes for animation now i want to give a rigged face a try. since i'm new to this i will tell post exaclty how i am approaching this and maybe someone would be kind enough to tell me if i'm going in the right direction or not. i gathered all of this after reading various posts and tutorials.. i'm looking to use a combination of a rigged face with blendshapes. i heard its a great way to ge the best of both worlds.

*i have a head that i duplicated off of the main head that is connected to the body and i rigged that head up with joints. i placed around the mouth areas and eyes/brows. i then smoothbound those joints to that duplicated head.

*i make my expressions by rotating the joints (as directed on the cane-toad tutorial) and setup SDK them

*the orginal head that is connected to the body has a blendshape node on it that contains a blendshape to make the kissing shape ( i figured it would be difficult to get that shape with bones)

* so i now add the rigged face to the blendshape node on the orginal head that is connected to the body.

so i can now animate with the original head that is on the body and tweak my facial animation with the blendshape node of the rigged face.

i figure this way i am able to setup my expressions on the rigged face and still be able to use the jaw joint.

i dont know if i'm missing anything this stuff is new ground for me so any advice will be greatly appreciated thx.

03 March 2004, 11:54 AM
it isnt necessary to create your rig on a blendshapenode to use the jaw joint, you can mix all deformers in maya. joints and blendshapes work well together on a single mesh. be sure to make yourself familiar with the deformation order.

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