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03 March 2004, 08:02 PM
Shafeek Amiruddin has entered the Machineflesh 2D Challenge.

03 March 2004, 04:20 AM (

This is just the begining part of the story with some really rough early design for the first stage of rebuilding mankind.

The year is 2570. Humanity is about to embark on their quest to discover the Galaxy. Floating continents stand at the ready as the colonist say their farewells to their loved ones on Earth. They carry with them the greatest of human achievements; the chamber of Ra. The raw power of the sun compressed into the space of a small city and it alone is responsible for the Galactic presence of mankind. Humanity knew all along, that one day the Sun would die, but that still was not for many aeons. Nevertheless, Humanity was not content with waiting for their sun to die or for the Universe to come to them. The fist step had to be theirs.
The days to the count down were in sight and mankind awaited its destiny. Then the satellites flashed in warning and the Otto Armada was scrambled in response. A massive asteroid was heading for a direct collision with Earth. It would take weeks to arrive but the protection of the armada was needed for the journey; the launch would have to be delayed. Puzzled on how this asteroid could have breached their long range perimeter web, speculation began to surface that maybe Humanity was not meant to sore among the stars. Reports flooded back that the asteroid had collided with the outer rim of the web and followed a path wiping out more of the interior systems. Coincidence; the asteroid would be destroyed by the armada, the most destructive fully autonomous weapon ever conceived. It was developed to use a synthetic version of the Human nervous system in order absorb, calculate and react seemingly by instinct. Weeks passed and the people of Earth awaited the victory signal from the Armada. The command center waited for what should have been a signal of victory form the fleet, but what appeared was WARNING! FALIURE! And all went grey. The entire web was down, Earth was now blind.
What occurred in the days after the message was not clearly recorded. Earth, using long range relay scopes caught site of the asteroid. According the reports, the defence staff was stunned into silence after visual confirmation. This was no asteroid, it was a huge ship. Silence fell to Earth crushing any hope that Humanity would be the ones to discover the Galaxy. Obviously a conceited hope, Earth had received many indications of Alien life, these messages were scrambled and adrift for thousands of years, there was no telling what became of the beings that released them. Thus Earth felt hey had a chance to be the first, or at least able to carry the greeting themselves. But now that hope faded and instinct took over. Earth mobilized all of its defences, it tried to contact the Alien ship but to no avail. The had to act for it would arrive in three days, so they launched a small attack force to attempt to measure the Alien ships defences. They were followed closely behind by the huge fleet of unmanned and manned craft, waiting to pounce. They desperately hope to gain contact with the ship to find out its intent, but that soon became all too evident. Before the attack fleet arrived the ship began emitting a blue gas like substance; it hurtled toward the fleet tearing right through the manned fleet first, the unmanned ships were left untouched but they were no match against the close range defences of the Alien ship. It was viewed to be some sort of particle based weapon; how could they have such control over it? Earth received no indication the bodies of the pilots were even still in their ships. How could they be gone when most of their ships were still intact? Earth had little remaining defence and braced for what many thought would be their final battle. And they were not far off.

Tommy Lee
03 March 2004, 05:14 AM
Long story... good concept!

Can't really define whats on the doodle, so... I'll wait for more!

Welcome to the battleground and good Luck:beer:

Tommy Lee

03 March 2004, 05:47 AM (

Actually Tommy that was just the first part here's the second. I like to create stories to support the art so I can get a better feel for the design.

The ship plummeted toward earth and Earth responded with what they had left, but it was no use the Alien ship exploded on the ground and in doing so the end of mankind as we knew it was upon us. The world became covered in blue as the strange particle wave almost instantly destroyed all life on earth. . All that was left of Humanity was drifting helplessly in deep orbit. Fearing the complete loss of all life, the Protocol 001 had be activated, nicknamed Program Rebirth the Earth forces that were left prepared for what might have been expected in an unknown universe; mankindís extinction. The protocol was to launch the entire shell that held the Chamber of Ra into deep space; where the protocol was to bring about the rebirth of Humanity. It was now activated and what remained of the human race was ready to flea the only home it ever knew. Engines readying, tears of defeat and loss falling, escape would not be possible. A huge blue pillar ripped through the atmosphere and like the hand of god dealt the final blow to Humanity. Sundering the fleet, it began to rain the last hope of mankind upon the earth.
It is the year 3050. What Humanity simply named as The Germ, held the earth in a constant blanket of death, destroying all life where ever it may have began anew. It constantly kept all life form beginning as if it were guarding the earth, keeping it form evolving. But it had evolved as well; now in the atmosphere it had to obey its physics and became seemingly more that mere particles, it seemed to have a form now and even a purpose.
At the edge of the ocean, now poisoned grey, the water stirred as the ground trembled. Pushing through the sick grey, the glint of metal began to surface, then suddenly as if thousands of coins poured onto the shore, the thunder of life was heard once more. Humanity was reborn.
I look to record and recall all that occurs from the past to the present. Humanity was reborn on the shores of the North continent. During Humanities last stand, when all fell to its birth place, the Chamber of Ra fell into the North Ocean. Falling to its deepest depth Protocol 001 began its work, calculating the elements that opposed it above; it attempted to resolve the situation. Centuries passed and the incubation process had begun, Program Rebirth was now creating what would be the new Human Race. It first created the Soldier, then the Planner, followed by the Healer. Why did it create us first, before the Scientist, the Farmer, the Artist, the Miner and the others? We were not created to help create a new world; we were created to take ours back! (cue epic sounding music )

I'm trying to go for more of a integrated feel and even will try a kind of transparency so we can see a little more of the mechanisms.

Tommy Lee
03 March 2004, 06:08 AM
:thumbsup: :beer:

03 March 2004, 06:23 AM
Cheers to you too Tommy, I wanted to clarify something though the first pic is actually what the Chamber of Ra created as the second stage. I'm hoping to incorporate the stages into one or a series of images to blend the stages. The second pic is more what it looks like at the final stage, though this is not what humans will look like these creations are only created for fighting the Germ. Which is also kind of the message of the idea as well, which I hope to bring out, that they were created for battle and they know that but they don't want to be simply discarded they are thinking beings like the humans will be to follow them. Man sorry everyone about being so long winded :shrug:

03 March 2004, 12:38 PM
Great story,

cant wait to see this one take form :)


04 April 2004, 03:33 AM (

After a while; here's a new concept. It's getting closer to the final feel of it.

04 April 2004, 03:30 AM (

This would be rough of a leg design and a Med design for on field repairs and evacuation. Going to try to get some colour soon.

04 April 2004, 09:41 AM
You have very complex and interesting machine elements here !

Your designs are original, I like it

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