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03 March 2004, 03:48 AM
Darren Yeow has entered the Machineflesh 2D Challenge.

03 March 2004, 11:05 PM
The Fearful-Manipulated

Sometime in the unnamed future, our self-destructive argumentative nature has scorched our world with nuclear fire and crippled the world with manufactured viruses – we wiped out 95% of our population because of our pride and inability to accommodate the conflicting views that we as humans inherently have. Few humans survive and those who do will probably die in a few years unless ironically they are wicked and selfish – Darwin’s law is again cast in a prominent role in this reset world.

The Group Zero weapons scientists who ironically helped design and implement the bombs and viruses are amongst the few who survive, again the guilty are left unpunished while the innocent are drowned in their wake. They have their protective suits and underground lairs, but food supplies are running low and they must either risk death through emergence to the surface or live a guaranteed demise with dwindling supplies. When faced with such bleak odds, the human mind always clings to the straw in the ocean…and they emerge to the surface. It is a bleak landscape, ice touches everything, its enough to make men go insane and they do.

Months later, the scientists have split up, they have found refuge in numerous parts of the reset world, pockets of humanity have survived, but they are diseased and dying, the Group Zero scientists become the puppet masters and the Fearful-Manipulated emerge.

The Fearful-Manipulated are pockets of humans who have somehow suffered mass cases of amnesia, they don’t remember what happened before, or how they got to where they are – so they become the manipulated by those who still have their memories in check. The former lead weapons scientist Kain has stumbled upon one of these amnesiac groups and has created a complex fiction based on the Bible readings, which he calls Precursor-Text, telling the Manipulated that the second coming of Jesus is soon and that salvation is within their grasp from this decrepit and dying world. He turns them into the Fearful-Manipulated by driving them with one of our most powerful emotions – Fear: fear of the agents of the Devils who would seek to jeopardise their salvation. He tells them of his former brothers, who are plotting against them, because they are the chosen ones – with full consent, the Manipulated become fearful and submit their bodies to the will of Kain. They become bio-mechanically enhanced and they seek to protect their tribe and strike down upon those who wish to take away their freedom.

Years have passed and the Fearful-Manipulated grow restless and discontent, they begin to read the Precursor-Context in a bid to find out the truth of what Kain has told them. They are not happy.

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