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03 March 2004, 02:50 PM
Gianmichele Mariani has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.

03 March 2004, 02:54 PM
Can't believe I've finally come here. My first challenge...hope to do well


Now let's do some heavy brainstorming...

03 March 2004, 07:27 PM
Ok, finally I have some time to dedicate here...

My starting idea is, well, a little freaking...
I imagine a world where humans cannot live in the atmophere and cannot eat anything since it's all invaded by germs.
So every person had to do an operation to incorporate mechanical digestive and respiratory organs, from day one, the birth day. But, because no one wants to look like a terrible cyborg, everything is hidden in the inside.
So I'm going to illustrate you how this is done on a little baby from the inside...

Hope that my idea is clear. Sketches to follow soon (drawing right now!).

Let's critique now!!!


03 March 2004, 06:27 PM
Well, I've extended my initial idea a little bit, but I think I'll stop my brainstorming here and start sketching.

I've decided to incorporate helping mechanisms for the spine and hands, doing somthing really "medical".

I also have changed my intial character from a boy to a girl...

No more words, next time I'll post a sketch and maybe some modeling.

03 March 2004, 09:43 PM
Ok, I'm not so good at sketching, so it's a little bit rough.

So, what do you think ???

03 March 2004, 09:46 PM (

This girl had a serious crash with her bike. She have got problem in the spine and to a hand.
The machine is able to restore her to the best days, and is made from mechanical as well as human parts. The only thing is that it takes the energy through the girl's blood, like a vampire...

03 March 2004, 09:51 PM
can't go wrong with a biker chick .. nice hair too


03 March 2004, 09:57 PM
Hey thanks... I was going for an integration with her bike, but I decided to do some surgery on this girl, and be more realistinc (not my usual style)...


03 March 2004, 12:07 PM
Nice char :beer:
good luck with the challenge!! :wavey:

04 April 2004, 03:46 AM
Great concept I like the medical application idea :) Go ahead for 3D :thumbsup:

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