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07 July 2002, 02:54 AM
Lightwave 3D Character Series - Why you should take it:

1. The course comes on CDs as AVI or Quicktime movies as easy to
follow lectures captured directly off the computer screen at
Lightwaves native resolution, not VHS resolution.
2. The course covers ALL aspects of Character Modeling, Texturing,
Rigging and Animating in a very easy to follow way. Everything is
explained at every step of the way. Nothing is edited. You also
receive all objects, textures and scene files.
3. You receive several weeks of online support via the
LWCharacterseries forum. You can ask questions at any time.
4. Your work is critiqued as you go.You can post images, objects and
5. You get to keep the CDs and review them at any time. Each movie
file is between 10 - 20 minute segments. This makes it easy to review
without the hassle of searching for specific parts.
6. You will be modeling, surfacing, rigging and animating characters
in a few short hours even if you have never done so before.

Heres some comments from a few students.

The CDs arrived today. I just finished the mouth area, so I'm moving along pretty well. The CDs are great! Very easy to follow and understand. After all the rave reviews I expected a lot, and my expectations were
exceeded. Great job with everything. - K.S.

The CD's are great so far. I am really impressed with your teaching ability! It's a real talent that most of us do not possess. I haven't gotten far enough into them to be really specific about it, but I am definitely
100% satisfied with what I've seen so far. I'll give you some more detail as I get further into it. - C.J.
I have received your CD's and have been studying them every chance I have. Excellent tutorials and techniques!...Thank you so much for sharing your techniques with us. - L.H.

I have seen some work done by people who have been learning from your CDs and I was very impressed.....I am very keen to sign up for these courses... - K.M.

The tutorials are excellent by the way. I have had to start over a couple times due to my own stupidity, but each time I do I get better at the modeling. I look forward to picking up the others in the series as soon as I finish up this set of CD's. - J.M.

I've been working through the character series this weekend and I must say that I'm mighty impressed. I would like to sign up for the rest of the series... M.K.

Well I've finally got a complete character, and have uploaded it for
inspection.What excellent tutorials Larry, it's been a complete revelation to me, your methodology is amazing, and this is only as far as the modelling stage, I can't wait for the next CDs.Many more of the uses of lightwave's toolset are now apparent to me.Spin quads and the whole flow thing I find so cool, though I did get a bit carried away with spinning thing and think I lost some polys somewhere along the way. (Must backup more.)Onto splines. - P.D.

Heres some discussion and review on Newteks own support forums:

For more information or to sign up go to:

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