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Jeep Wang
03 March 2004, 04:35 AM
I'm studying the maya api's example"torusField".there are three questions:

1. Questions on Mplug.I know Mplug is a tree structure,but i don't know it's use,when and where to define Mplug's structure.I found that in the "compute()" of "torusField",
if( !(plug == mOutputForce) )
return( MS::kUnknownParameter );
I know mOutputForce is a member of the MPxFieldNode,it is a fixed structure?

2. In "void torusField::ownerPosition()",
If this field has an owner....
I can't understand the "owner",because of my poor English:cry: ,I use "cout<<" to print the owner's position,it always be (0,0,0).

3. Questions on "logicalIndex()",the returned integer is what.If there is a tree "name_1",
int num=name_1.logicalIndex();
What the "num" is?

You may only answer one of the questions.Thanks for any help!
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03 March 2004, 10:40 AM
I'm also interested in answers to your questions, because i thinking how to get access to custom PP attributes and especially how to put a value to them through API
I know that is possible because it's already done in KOLEKTIV Stroyka Dynamics package.

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