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12 December 2001, 05:18 PM
Hola a todos, soy el segundo argentino, y estoy de acuerdo con GabrielP, no es un software muy usado aqui, yo tuve la suerte de trabajar en la primer pelicula que se hizo en el pais con Lightwave, aunque no haya tenido el exito esperado por los productores, la pelicula fue Condor Crux, y aca estoy para poder aportar algo a foro, Si es en espaņol mejor, y sino, trataremos de arreglarnoslo con el idioma...



12 December 2001, 07:03 PM's maybe good for U if somebody here can understand your language!

But I guess that the board language is ENGLISH!!!

But hey, everybody could start to speak his own language...why not...Bacause U get very less feedback! :(

It's only an Information for U and other people who wannt speak in his own/home language!

so...thats enough.

BTW: The topic sounds like argentino poeple listen...or something like that, why U don't write in ENGLISH?

12 December 2001, 02:11 AM
I can't understand why do you react that way, the forum is the language that people talk, and i want to talk in spanish, if anybody can understand me OK, if not, Ok Too...
I think the 3D spanish community are growing too fast, and i think that CGTALK can be a very interesting place for many people like me that can understand some english and want to talk, no matter what language.
I think that when i'll say something that can help all the people in the forum, i'll say it in english, because i know it's the language of the most people in the forum, but i think that you can't prohibit me that i talk the language i want...
If you don't understand the spanish, i only said that i worked in the first 3D film in Argentina (a country in South America, if you don't know it) I worked in Lightwave 5.6, and if i can help to anybody with my experience, i will... This is to you too...


12 December 2001, 08:25 AM
Mat, you have to agree with me that if you want to get a responce from most people in the forum, you've got to stick to English language...I speak many languages and I can understand Spanish pretty well ( I'm not going to serve as a translator though) but most people don't. Imagine if everybody would start talking in their native language, it would be a mess and the forum would get very fragmented. This is a community in which we at least try to share ideas, information, opinions and virtually everything related to computer graphics, in an understandable way not only by means of language, people from all over the world come here. If you want to get feedback from everybody (not only Spanish speaking people) you'll have to do it in a common language. Actually what you said above in Spanish was quite interesting and you should share it with everybody. I guess that's what Daniel meant and I don't think he meant to be mean.
Spanish is one of the most beautiful laguages on earth, I feel very lucky to be able to undestand it, but here not many people uderstand it.

Daniel, here's your translation:

- Hi all, I'm the second Argentine, and I agree with GabrielP, it's not an often used software here, I was lucky to work on the first movie made with Lightwave in this country, though it wasn't so successful as the producers would have expected, the movie was Condor Crux, and here I am to add my contributions to the forum, if it's in Spanish, it'd be better, and if not, we'll try to figure out a way with the language.



12 December 2001, 01:02 AM
Yes mind i agree with you, but the way you are tell me it, it's very different to daniel's way. And i'll try to "speak" in English, and i hope that you can understad me, because my english isn't good.
If i can help you, i'll do.
Thanks for your opinion.


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