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03 March 2004, 01:55 AM
well, i have a rather complicated question i think.

i have a complicated driven key setup on one side of my character, and want do duplicate (mirror) it on the other side of him.

i found out that driven key make entry in the graph editor, so i just copied out all key and pasted them on the other side, and scaled them with -1 where i needed it.
this was working fine for attribute with driven by just 1 key-attribute.

but for those which are driven by 2 diffent key-attributes, it dont works. (i hope you understand, just like 2 different controllers for one thing). so i searched arround and found out that one of these 2 curves in the graph editor is just called ...rotate.z... (this is the standard thing there) and the 2 one is now an animationCurve (animCurveUA)

and i cant copy paste those with 2 attributes, so does anybody know what to do ???
or does anyone knows a better way to duplicate driven keys anyway ?

i hope someone can help me out there...

thx a lot,

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