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03 March 2004, 10:47 AM
I looked through the board, and couldn't find any information about this, so I decided to post it.
Using PoseMixer makes it extremely easy to set up a series of poses, but if your model has a large hierarchy, and several posemixer objects, without Visual Selector, you are bouncing around finding the controller you want. Unfortunatly, you are unable to move the posemixer out, due to it acting as a deformer.
However, there is a way to place a controller object where ever you want to control them.
Here is how you do it...

1. Create a Null Object, and give it a name.
2. With it selected, in the Attribute manager, select User Data, and Add User Data.
3. Give the user data a name, and in the Interface, select Float Slider. "OK"
4. Right click on the new slider, select Animation>Set Driver.
5. Go to the PoseMixer object you are wanting to control, right click on the controller target, select Animation>Set Driven (Absolute).
Repeat for all the controls you want.

You are done! Now, you have a larger slider to control that posemixer slider. You can place this null controller anywhere in your hierarchy you wish.

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