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03 March 2004, 09:03 AM
Hi there fusioneers:wavey:

I have a slight problem in understanding some of the tracking features in Digital Fusion. Hope u guys can help me out. The tracker in fusion is excellent! But how do I perform an offset. I have a layer (A) that is connected to a transform. After tracking some movement from another layer (B), I connect the center of the transform of layer (A) to the tracker's path value. Now how do I offset position? I can't seem to modify the transform center since that is already animated.
Secondly I have tracker steady position and unsteady...and some more stuff in that context menu. Do I need to use this too? Are there any tutorials that extensively cover tracking in fusion?

Thanx in advance dudes.


03 March 2004, 04:25 PM
First thing, is look at the courseware that ships with DF, it does cover tracking...

as for your situation, you can change the way you're doing things to insert an offset.

Take layer b and modify it's center with an offset. Then in the modifiers tab, attach the center of the offset to the tracker's path. Then you can enter the offset or grab the x in the corner.

The next option would be to just attach the center of layer b to the "tracker 1:tracker 1 offset position". Then under the tracker, you have 2 offset sliders or the toolbar to adjust the offset interactively.

The third option would be to modify the center of layer b with an expression, and go that route, but that's a bit too complex for a simple offset.

Hope that helps.

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