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03 March 2004, 11:52 PM
Does anybody has a suggesion how I can realize to replace the object with a import 3ds file? I'm a noOp so....:))

Here is the code I have to do it with:

utility cloneReplace "Replace with Clones" width:162 height:270

local s_obj, d_objs

GroupBox grp1 "Replace Nodes" pos:[10,6] width:139 height:250

radiobuttons rdo2 "Cloning Method:" pos:[21,30] width:73 height:46 labels:#("Instance", "Reference")

pickButton btn1 "Pick Source Node" pos:[24,88] width:99 height:24
button btn2 "Pick destination Nodes" pos:[16,118] width:121 height:24 enabled:false

label lbl1 "Source Node:" pos:[20,147] width:112 height:16
label lbl3 "None selected" pos:[29,161] width:97 height:17

label lbl2 "Destination Node(s):" pos:[20,179] width:115 height:17
label lbl6 "None selected" pos:[29,193] width:97 height:17

button btn3 "Replace Nodes" pos:[21,216] width:115 height:30 enabled:false

on btn1 picked obj do (s_obj=obj;; btn2.enabled=true)

on btn2 pressed do (d_objs= pickObject count:#multiple message:"Select nodes to replace, right click when done";
try(if d_objs.count==1 then lbl6.text=d_objs[1].name
if d_objs.count>=2 then lbl6.text="Many"

on btn3 pressed do (

case rdo2.state of
1:(instanceReplace d_objs s_obj)
2:(referenceReplace d_objs s_obj)


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