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03 March 2004, 08:49 PM
Has anyone heard or use Equinox 3D animation? I decided to ask this room because like Blender, its free and it runs on linux. I see that its really good and could be added to our Blender and Wing family. I just wish I could get it installed Well heres the site. Let me know what you peeps think. Enjoy

03 March 2004, 11:39 PM
First, I think that the program promises way too much for something that is still on version 0.8.2... I wonder if it really delivers all that stuff in a day-to-day dependable enought way. :shrug:

Asumming a positive answer for my previous question (wich again, I doubt) ... it is still not ready to substitute my beloved blender. The only important thing that I saw on it that is lacking on Blender are Inverse Kinematics with joint angle limits.. angle limits can be set on blender, but it is a very painfull process involving some python coding :(

On the bright side, it does have some very interesting features. like the interactive rendering and (what I belive) are trimmed mathematical surfaces.

Let's hear it from actual Equinox3D users !!

03 March 2004, 07:17 PM
Equinox-3d is one piece of polished software, the passion of a single individual.
The biggest difference wrt Blender is that it is not open source.... That's right, the package is actually shareware (albeit without nagscreens and the like)
While the asking price is certainly acceptable (30? ?), the product itself is a bit immature at the moment in area's like animation (not its primary target...)
The biggest drawback (for me) is the lack of tutorials to get you started. There is a users manual, but whatever you want to do, you're on your own.... It uses hotkeys extensively but in a totally different way to Blender.
In fact the app makes me think the most of Moonlight3D, and we all remember what happened to that one.... I am not willing to spend my time learning an app whose creator might from one day to the next decide he's had it and shut down development leaving us with (another) frozen product.
Having said all that, I do encourage everyone to download it and have alook. It really is a work of love.

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