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03 March 2004, 02:07 PM
Hi there, I finally got fast animation rigs and i'm currently learning from it (considering that I'm new to Maya) I'm having a hard time to animate it though some of the features are damn cool ;-)

MEL in there is pretty invaluable and quite easy to understand for people having basic programming knowledge, but I'm starting animation and have found the upper body very hard to animate, arms and upper body notably, I keep tweaking to get non-rolled arms eveytime and I can't rotate the elbow joint properly, what am I doing wrong ???

Knee controls sometimes disappear in the rig if you move it, is there a way to prevent that ???
I'm struggling to scale it, I've heard you can group the skeleton on its own and scale it, but I didn't manage to do so...

last thing is what is the best way to key all joints on first frame then switch to autokey then, at the moment I select all the elements of the hierarchy then press "s". Is that correct ??
THX alot, I'm both excited and frustrated.

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