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02 February 2004, 07:44 AM
Hi everybody, I'm a student at Full Sail in Orlando and just finished this up as my Fundamentals of Logo Animation final. This is my first attempt at animation and shading/lighting a scene so please rip this apart. The more correct ways to do things I learn now the less bad habits I'll develope so please let me know anything that you feel can be improved and how I could do that. Thanks in advance.

Ian Jones
02 February 2004, 01:51 PM
Excellent first go at animation and lighting! Of course there are a few things that can be improved aswell.

I really can't figure out what the heck voodoo actually do, or why they have a cube in a containment kind of glass tube. The concept seems a little strange, so you'll need to explain it to us before we can really make any definitive judgements.

In terms of the aesthetics, I personally don't like the overall design... however that's really subjective. Mainly the colours I find unappealling. Everything feels quite sick and unwelcoming, something which I don't think many companies wish to be associated with. I think you were trying to relate to the idea of mystery and scifi by using the stereotype 'alien green'. The idea is great, but the colours all seem a little bit too 'cold'. The aqua green is very cold and sickly and to me really doesn't work too well. What I think you need is a much warmer green, a yellowish green which absolutely screams 'contemporary' and is of course heavily associated with scifi and mystery.

Onto the animation, or the overall concept. I tend to think that a logo animation should really have a buildup. There should be a burst of energy / movement towards the very end as a climax. At the moment the thing that troubles me is that the establishing shot shows us too much. It feels like I am not seeing anything new by the time the cube comes to rest. I'd love to see a slightly more obscure establishing shot and then the camera continue to 'reveal' more. At the moment I feel that your animation sort of progressively zooms in on the cube and doesn't really have any impact towards the end, at least visually we don't see anything much new or exciting (think reveal or explosion) at the climax. What we get at the moment is an establishing shot which shows the audience everything there is to see at the start and not alot at the end. My main point is that I think you need to consider making your animation build up, using the same analogy of a story to reach a climax. Look at most professional logo anims or advertising and it usually has some sort of climax no matter how short it is. I also think this will add greatly to the theme of scfi / mystery if you think in terms of revealing the logo at the end. Especially relevant to the idea of black magic and voodoo.

One last quick tip is that the second shot of your anim is too static. In my opinion it would look better and of course more interesting if the camera moved a little bit, even if it were only a very small amount.

I Hope that helps. Remember, you did really great for your first try. Keep it up!

02 February 2004, 05:31 PM
Thanks for your comments Ian I'll give you a little background on the project just so you can put together the concept a little better. The stipulations for this project were that it only be 10 seconds and that it showed a good knowledge of Motion Paths, keyframing, set driven keys/expressions, and animated shaders. The overall concept was to create a fictional logo, a fictional product, or an intro to the demo reel we have to create at the end of our schooling.

This project was not actually my original one but being new I didn't know that Maya gets mad when you duplicate lights and so the file became unusable.

I wanted to incorporate some ancient artifact that seemed to be controlled by some mystical power as the animation went along. That's where the cube with all cut in symbols come from. The name Voodoo is an alias I've used ever since I got the internet.

So I created an old, abandoned looking scene within which to put my artifact powered by Voodoo Magic. I am happy with how it came out but I kind of wonder how much better it would have been if I had had that extra week to put into shaders and conceptual work.

Again thanks for your advice - one of my old instructors gave me some really good advice on my camera work too he agreed with you that shot two seemed a little to static so that's definitely something to keep in mind on my next animation.

Thanks again, I hope this clarified a little bit of the "what the hecks going on here" that you had =)

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