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02 February 2004, 06:39 PM
Hi, this is my first art post here at cgtalk, althought I've been viewing for years. "The Adventures of Nerm and BG" is my first animated short. I created it solo over a year and a half while attending school. Made in 3D Max. It was a blast to make, and I'd love to hear everyone's comments. Download the movie, the still image doesnt do it justice. =)

Requires divx to play of course

02 February 2004, 08:41 PM
Cool, first reply!

Well, I was laughing my arse off, cause I have 3 kids and sometimes they just don't shut up. So I can relate to this very much.

The animation was done very well too. There was nothing that I found out of the ordinary or that I could crit.

Texture work was good on most stuff too.

Good work.


02 February 2004, 08:43 PM
Awesome animation! :thumbsup:

I'm glad i took the time and bandwidth to download this animation, i really loved it, was funny, good modelling/texturing/lighting etc etc.

Great job!

02 February 2004, 10:31 PM
It's great. the animation is superb. I love all the extra characters walking by in the street behind them. nice touch.

02 February 2004, 01:44 AM
Really great. Wonderful textruing and lighting as well as amusing characters. Glad i downloaded it

02 February 2004, 04:36 AM
amazing! just amazing!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:

02 February 2004, 05:37 AM

I've been watching your posts (on that OTHER website) since you started creating these characters, and it's good to see that you finally got finished with the animation. It lived up to my expectations, which were very high. Wonderful characterization and expression from these robots, and a very entertaining script. The voice acting was actually quite good!

Thanks for sharing this,


02 February 2004, 07:54 PM
Thanks for all the great replies so far, its all greatly appreciated. I'd love to hear more feedback though! =)

02 February 2004, 11:45 PM
that was hilarious, reminds me of one of my friends who never shuts up. great animation. im prolly gonna keep it on my pc cuz i liked it so much :)

02 February 2004, 12:28 AM
does the clip end with "the building he was on"? because that seemed a bit abrupt. Great clip though. The background action is very nice when it stays subtile (the sounds and shake of the big red one were a tad distracting).

Where is he going to put the lolly though? No orphices as far I could see. All together it would be a great start for a full movie, but that I imagine would be a bit of a long production...

02 February 2004, 01:12 AM

I'm waiting for an hour to download it! Gee...i am not a dial-up user! What's wrong with it...maybe the brandwidth...i just hope it finnishes before the sun rises!!!

I'll post my impresions later!

02 February 2004, 01:30 AM
I just checked it on a friends computer and the entire animation played (didnt stop where you said it did), maybe try downloading it again. Its about 4 minutes long and ends after credits roll.

Thanks for viewing guys

02 February 2004, 03:11 AM
Uoh I almost forgot to reply on this. The animation was great. Everything was great. So there you go.

But the sound seemed to be to weak. Hmm..Maybe its my speakers that was to low.

02 February 2004, 05:11 AM
Funny enoying kid hehe.... great origional plot and story!
i give it a 4
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

02 February 2004, 05:23 AM
Originally posted by UnlikelyCorny
does the clip end with "the building he was on"? because that seemed a bit abrupt. Great clip though. The background action is very nice when it stays subtile (the sounds and shake of the big red one were a tad distracting).

Where is he going to put the lolly though? No orphices as far I could see. All together it would be a great start for a full movie, but that I imagine would be a bit of a long production...

No it doesnt end like that, it has credits at the ending and should be 4:07 long.

Nice, however i found the sound of the moving robot arms too loud compared to the music and voices and fairly annoying by the end of the movie :hmm:

02 February 2004, 08:10 AM
very nice!!

Frank Dodd
02 February 2004, 09:33 AM
Originally posted by UnlikelyCorny
does the clip end with "the building he was on"? because that seemed a bit abrupt.

No it doesn't. it sounds like you have a truncated file (it should be 50,938kb) the animation has a great storyline and a well rounded ending.

This is an excellent piece of animation a great wide range of characters and a convincing performance from all of them too even the robot guard that doesn't have a line.

A very well assembled production from the modelling and animation work through to the sound effects and voice actor.

Very well done.

02 February 2004, 04:54 PM
I'm suprised this isn't on the front page yet. This deserves a plug.

02 February 2004, 05:13 PM
Pretty cute little animation. There were a few spots where it was hard to decipher what the little dude was saying, but overall it was good. The ending was good, but I expected something a bit more clever due to the huge buildup/foreshadowing. The crate just kinda came out of nowhere. I was expecting something from the street, since you keep foreshadowing huge beasts and robots walking by...

One question, did you hand animate his antennae, or was it automated?

Nice job overall....the little robot was appropriately annoying... :D

BTW: The textures and rendering and environment was beautiful....

I did have some problems with the download as well...the DivX was full of artifacts, but I could still watch it. But once it finished downloading, the video went away and I could only hear the audio....weird.

Favorite Part? When he said "There was this big guy who said 'I'll be back,' but he never came back..." Hilarious!

02 February 2004, 07:59 PM
Hey Chris
I remeber seeing this a clip of your short at school when the guy from digital domain came to talk with us that one saturday. i never got to see the whole thing until now and it is very good. nice animation, textures the whole nine yards.


02 February 2004, 10:06 PM
that was hilarious!
I loved it. Great storyline for a short...and excellent depiction of emotion from the guy with the gun, especially without facial features. The background characters were an excellent touch as well. Overall the lighting, texturing, etc. were great. To have done it while as student is impressive.
On shorts it seems animators often focus so much on the quality that the storyline sometimes suffers. I think you covered both areas very well. Good work man. :buttrock: :bowdown:

03 March 2004, 01:35 AM
like I said back at MForums, Top notch stuff!

03 March 2004, 12:07 PM
whaha, very nice!! just amazing...

03 March 2004, 05:20 PM
This is the best animated short I've seen, I have watched it 6 times in under an hour, and I laughed every time. Excellent work my friend, MOST excellent.


03 March 2004, 07:58 PM
Fantastic work! I just love the secondary action occuring in the background. The animation reminds me of my nephew, ao I would say it is a spot on! Definatley should have been plugged by now.

03 March 2004, 09:50 PM
[i] Definatley should have been plugged by now. [/B]

Agreed, I think the header decisions are pretty messed up at times. :shrug:


03 March 2004, 10:58 PM
again connection problems. Too bad coz the render really draw my attention, not to mention the loving comments :)

can someone get it to me so I can host it? Would be too bad if this one would be worth plugging but wouldn't because of technical reasons.

feel free to pm me.


03 March 2004, 12:10 AM
A very entertaining short:thumbsup: Feel free to share some technical details.

03 March 2004, 01:17 AM
great great great. What a joy it must've been to work with that dialog. Plugged. By me. For what its worth. Approx. nothing.

03 March 2004, 05:11 AM
Sooo cool. That Kid totally has ADD, but he's so likeable, nice acting!:bounce:

03 March 2004, 07:57 AM
thanks to clockworks I finally got to see it.

I'm afraid I can't really crit something :blush: I'm don't animate too often, but I don't see anything strange or something. Really enjoyed watching it, the sound is cool too.

I love your texturing.

[plugging advice]

03 March 2004, 11:04 AM
Thoroughly enjoyed this, congrats on pulling together all the essential elements for telling a story properly, animation, sound, texturing are all great.

Another vote for the front page, this is infinitely more interesting than yet another car model...

03 March 2004, 05:33 PM
*BUMP* I feel too strongly about this one to let it rest on the second or third pages.

03 March 2004, 11:19 PM
Thank you all for your kind words, its very much appreciated.

Keep the comments coming, I'd love more feedback!

03 March 2004, 11:33 PM
Very very nice, i'm impressed

03 March 2004, 11:34 PM
Another post... i like this peice a lot!! it deserves frontpage :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

03 March 2004, 12:27 AM
That was really awsome :thumbsup: had sorta an old stlye Warner Bros. cartoon type of humor to it. I liked it alot:bounce: :applause:

03 March 2004, 03:07 AM
Nerm's antannae animation were all done with Max's Flex modifier...same with the female mech's pigtails

03 March 2004, 04:33 AM
it looks more funny,ha

Jack Spade
03 March 2004, 09:46 AM
Awesome work man! I laughed my head off!
I also like what's going on in the background while the anklebiter is talking... you really put your heart into this! :applause: :thumbsup:

03 March 2004, 03:47 AM
*cough* bump.... frontpage stuff here....not a silly landscape.... ;)

03 March 2004, 11:20 AM
Wow................. I most say very nice, :D

03 March 2004, 01:49 PM
looks promissing. got to get the animation :p

03 March 2004, 07:05 PM
I've seen it now. Hard to follow the dialogue .. but partly it's intentional. Funny story :p
I would have enjoyed more funky strange stuff happening in the background though.

03 March 2004, 07:12 PM
OH man, I can't seem to download... it gets to 3mb then stops.:cry: :cry: :cry:

and i'm really looking forward to seeing this.

03 March 2004, 05:42 AM
hello chris_rw

this was posted awhile ago, and it wasn't plugged??

ive seen this several times around school especially a clip when that dude from digital domain checked our work like was mentioned by bledsoed.

it all looks really nice, animation is fluid and natural, lighting is good, your sound is good....everything fits real nicely. you have a good eye for all this stuff. keep that going!!!!

later, i hope your getting a lot of job offers now!!?

03 March 2004, 09:37 PM
For those of you that have had problems downloading it, my site was down for awhile one day, you may want to try it again now.

Thanks for viewing.

03 March 2004, 04:38 PM
seen the entire thing now. think it's well worth a bump to page 1 again, maybe a moderator will notice it now and put it on the front page

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