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02 February 2004, 07:15 AM
there are some models that im working on.

tryign to get them finished asap for my scholarship project.

02 February 2004, 03:33 PM
You've got a good start here. I remember seeing your Ferrari in another thread, correct?

My critiques:
-This is supposed to be runtime/game art, so we need to know your poly/vert budget and the current poly/vert count.

-Please post wires and texture flats! It's very difficult to judge your work based only on glory-shot renders.

-The roof line on your Ferrari is very boxy, and there seems to be more detail in the tires than is necessary. Try reducing the tires and rims a LOT, and put that detail back into the body.

-The texture work overall is too simplistic. The texture on the CRX reads better than the Ferrari, but both could use some extra attention to detail.

-In general, I think you've done a much better job representing the Honda. The sillouette of the car reads well, but you could still tighten up the details. Look around for as much reference material as possible for your cars, especially when aiming for realism.

Hopefully this helps. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next with these!


02 February 2004, 04:08 PM
Also, for headlights\taillights use a texture, i noticed you modeled the hondas rear taillights...unless you know you are going to be breaking them in the game engine, dont bother modeling them and save polies.

And i agree with all the comments squeaky said.

02 February 2004, 09:54 PM
these are also on cgchat, and threedy


limit for them is 5k (2500 exterior, 500 interior, 500 per wheel)
the honda is 4400 tris and the ferrari is 3900 tris

textures are jsut images applied to certain areas of the mesh, i didnt want to get caried away with unwrapping these models, theonly unwrapped part is the interior or the crx.

wheels on both cars are already under the poly limit

a lot more work was put into the honda.

thanks for the feed back :D

tail and headlights are next, i have a crx @ home, just gotta take pics of the lights.

02 February 2004, 12:39 AM
Good, now we have some wires to work with!

-You can definitely tell that your focus was the CRX, now I understand why :) The CRX mesh topology is much cleaner overall, and you've captured its curves nicely!

-For some reason, the Ferrari feels LESS sexy next to the CRX :S Should be the other way around, don'tcha think?

-Are your models built to accomodate opening doors/hoods/trunks? Working mechanical details aren't just for show. Think of what happens when/if you need to destroy these cars :D

Regarding the tires/rims:
-I think you could still trim some fat from them. IMO, you can lose the bevels around the outer edge of the tires and imply them through a good texture map. Give those tris a better home somewhere else :D

-The rims look fairly high-poly as well. With some clever use of alpha-channels, you could imply that detail and then put the tris into some low-poly brake discs/pads (more mechanical detail = good) . Otherwise, I like the style/proportion of the rims and tires.

-You should REALLY give these puppies a proper unwrap treatment. It's kind of strange that the interior of the cars received the unwrap attention. You've clearly got some texture skills, and I don't think the exteriors will ever be as good as they could be without a proper unwrap (at this polycount, at least).

-Along those lines, I agree with RmachucaA regarding the headlights/taillight geometry. You don't really need to define those in geometry.

-You've modelled in some important details that would be better suited in a texture (door handles and license plate mounts on the CRX, for example)

I don't know the parameters of your scholarship project, but my feedback is coming from a practical game development point-of-view. If some of my feedback doesn't really fit with your project's purpose, then please disregard!


02 February 2004, 01:50 AM
i hope these answer a few questions:

i like the crx better and i own one, maybe thats why i favor it :)

at one point the crx was unwrapped but then i just decided to texture them how i did.

thanks for the reply :)

02 February 2004, 11:26 AM
here's some tips I've come up with for you based of my vehicular modeling and texturing... first off, the tires don't look quite right... use that extra ridge, or chamfered edge on the tires to add puffiness to the edges, rather than chamfering the edge of the tire... a tire that has puffiness looks a lot more believable, even though it's such a small detail.

if you must use geometry in your headlights, use alpha channels to suggest cylindars, that way you can get away with only having a 5 or 6-sided cylinder defining the edges around the light...

Also, you could easily do the same to suggest the rims... not sure if y'all are familiar with the tire of an '88 caprice, but if you really were serious about getting that high detail, the easiest way would be a box that turns into a 6-sided capped dome for the part in the center, with opacity maps cutting the square into a circle, that defines the inner part... if you *really* want to get serious about detailing it out, you'd have smoothed pyramids with no bottom cap representing the two layers of spokes... every other spoke starts off in a different section and goes to another section of the hub... so yea, two opposite shaped pyramids for that, with appropriate opacity maps, then you would have the part inside the hub... the cheap black rim, would be on a plane behind all that... for some tires, an opacity map on this plane might be required... just some things to think about... this tire could potentially be as few as 77 faces, yet it would rival (and in my opinion beat the tar out of) a model literally built out, which is somewhere in the 20k face range...

next, exaggerate the crack between the car doors and the body... I'm struggling to see the crack that's indicated there right now...

one of the last things I can advise about, is that the materials look like plastic... plastic that you took fine model sandpaper to... Even with great reflections, these vehicles will not look quite realistic... set your specular level up quite high, as you would generally be able to see any highlight from a light shining on the material quite clearly... then set the glossiness a bit lower than the specular level... this will make it look more reflective... if you look at the size of the sun highlight in a car's body, it is quite small, unless it's an old and weathered car

02 February 2004, 05:25 AM
I thought I'd add in my 2...

Are your polycounts fixed in those proportions? It would be nice if you could use more tris on the car bodies and fewer on the wheels and maintain your overall target count.

the F-50 needs more tris on the body, as squeaky said, the roofline needs some adjustments, and some of the corners on the "trunk lid" (if you can call it that on a ferrari) and along the sides of the body could be rounder/smoother - if you have the tris available to do that.
This should be useful ( for rounding out the F-50.

also, when have you ever seen flames on a Ferrari? cars on the level of ferrari, lamborghini, and tvr (to name a few) don't need painted flames to look fast imo.

Keep at it, they're looking good!
Your later renders have been pretty dim (even on a mac!)

02 February 2004, 08:35 AM
thank you for ur replies, as soon as i get a moment i will go and look at the models again :)

the last few images are screen grabs, the scenes were dark, but rendered light.

the flames on the ferrari where pretty much added to piss off a friend ;) they are by no means perminent.

the poly counts are supposta be pretty fixed, i can ask how much leniance im allowed in each area.

thanks for looking :)

03 March 2004, 07:55 PM
really cool cars ! i like em both
the proportions are good too !

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