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02 February 2004, 07:04 PM
well, i made rig for character arm with Maya`s 5 new feature ikBlend. (update to 5.0.1) But when I animate ikBlend from FK to IK the arm jumps around, not goes stright line between FK and IK "virtual" arms.
lets say, i animate ikBlend form 0 to 1 and about 0.2 in animation the first bone jumps to the very different rotation. But it is not like random, it always does the same, when I scrub the timeline. I checked it even with ghosting. And even i deleted that ikHandle and made new one, nothing changes. only, when ikHandle is very close, than it works just fine.

A right arm works fine, only left arm is weird. But I didn`t mirror or copy anything. I made them excatly the same way both from the start.

I just can`t find anything that could cause that :/
Any idea?

02 February 2004, 02:05 PM
Seems like this is kinda pole vector bug for IK solver. :shrug: Problem accours only, when ikBlend is between 0 and 1. Or it is not bug, it is just nature of ik/fk Blending.
Maybe I should use 3 arm rig in future, but I like ikBlending because it simplifies the rigging process so much.

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