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02 February 2004, 10:16 PM
1 big toolbox
1 small toolbox
1 meat cleaver
1 butcher's knife
1 grenade
total polygons: 150
1 hour + textures in ps7

This was a project I did for some people, and helped my mapping skills too.


-Closeup of texture details on knife-

02 February 2004, 03:06 PM

the texture on the knife blade is nice. but it doesn't match up with the underside poly.

the texture on the toolbox looks too red. try using some grunge maps and such to give it a bit of "life".

also the uv's on the grenade don't line up.

sorry if it sounds harsh but you did ask for crits.

hope they have been of some help.


02 February 2004, 01:45 AM
update: added grunge map to the toolbox, added floor and wall, added air tanks, and a brooke burke calendar ;)

C&C always welcome.


02 February 2004, 02:30 AM
Alright heregoes,

The grenade texture definitely needs to be lined up, and the texture itself does not come accross as being a grenade.

A grunge map usually helps, but the one on the toolbox now is overblown, and it sorta looks like someones been spitting their skoal juice on it day in day out.

Also, on the right of the large toolbox, the door is clipped off by the right edge of the box. The cleavers textures look a little high contrast, and there seems to be some dark spots for no aparent reason. Unless that is the light shading, in which case that needs to be remedied.

The two toolboxes seem to have the exact same texture, and while that might save on texture space, I dont' think I've seen a toolbox that would look like that. if you want to save space and use the same texture, I'd use only the drawers on the top box.

So, to recap:

1: rework that grunge map, tone it down a bit, and give yourself some scratched off paint, highlights(maybe around worn corners) things of that nature. A grunge map should not consist of only one dark dirty color, but several layers.

2:Fix that dang grenade! :)

3:Tone the contrast down on the knife, and seing as it's extremely low poly, try to work in some shading as well.

4:Tone down the contrast on the wallpaper and floorboards.

Hope this all helps. (not trying to be harsh, just trying to help)

And, if you get a chance, let me know what you think of my stuffHere! (

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