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02 February 2004, 05:00 PM
Yow guys,

Well, I use 3Ds Max 6 and I'm reading this book : Mastering The Art Of Production With 3Ds max 4 (

A section of this book deals with Motion Capture and scripting,
To be more specific : interactively driving a remote control vehicle over your screen (by pressing your arrow keys).
In the book everything is told how to do it...
So I wrote the script a bit different and more complicated.
So now everything works :D! (I can drive that vehicle interactively over my screen by using motion capture and my script)

Welcome to section 2 :
Now, how to record that Motion Capture Session into a keyframed animation ?
Well I did everything what's told in the book, and with some tweaking it works....
Yeah "works :grin: "
When I start a motion capture session and my scripts are running (to record keyframes and stuff) then keyframes are recorded.
But when I then play the movie, my vehicle does the same things,
Only if I drove straight a head for 10 inches, my rover drives just 5 inches, and when I turn 20 it just turns 12.
Now, when I set my time slider to slide twice as fast, my rover will drive and rotate less far !
Or when I set my time slider to slide slower (1/2 for example) my vehicle will drive and turn further !
In other words, the way the book teaches you, isn't that exact.

So my question to you is :
How do I make a script that records a motion capture session and writes it as a keyframed animation ?

You can experimentate with these files :

A driving object : Driving Object (MAX 6) File (
Script to drive that object : Driving Script (ms) File (
Explanation ! : Explanation.txt (

02 February 2004, 10:20 AM

I deleted my record script, and now I only work with the motion capture record keys.

So, I load my scene and 1 script.

That script makes it happen that an object starts moving (driving)when I control a dummy with my motion capture.

So with my motion capture I controle 1 dummy, and the loaded script does the rest.

Now I want my driving object to be recorded ! So I'm looking for a script that records the moved object into keyframes. When I delete my dummy that was controlled by the motion capture and the script, I still want my driving object to move. So it's totally indedpendent. And when I slide my timeslider back, I want my driving object to be going backwards !

So how to record a moving object (controlled by a script during a motion capture (the motion capture controls another object, that's why I have my script))

I want my driving object to be independent.
Like an animated ball, when I'm on frame 54 (for example) I want him to be at [0,20,30] and at frame 68 I want him to be at [50,0,10] ALWAYS !
Like a manualley animated object.

Here are files, use them !
Link => Driving object (
Link => Script to drive the driving object while MoCapping (

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