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02 February 2004, 08:06 PM
i am working on an architectural visualization project.
and i am outputting final rendering in maya.
but i am getting jerks in final animation movie its in .avi
the vcd recorder man told me that if there is jerk in avi file
then it will come in final CD too.
and my client told me that he was developing such projects in
3ds max and the animations go smooth.
even i saw that.
so is there any problem in maya.
or am i doing wrong in mixing tga sequences.
i am merging tga files in after effects.
so what should i do to get rid of jerks.

please reply soon
the project is on deadline.


02 February 2004, 12:40 PM
You are rendering to tga sequence first, then in aftereffects outputting an avi, right?

Well maya/aftereffects can certainly create smooth results.

There are a few things you can check though.

I assume you have checked the animation curves in maya to make sure you didnt accidentally key in a jerk somewhere (or change a tangent to "step").

Use fcheck to preview your tga sequence, before you go into aftereffects. This may help determin where the jerk is being introduced. (Get hold of "ncheck" at highend3d to make it easier to load sequences into fcheck)

When you play the avi, if you use quicktime player, you can turn on the "play all frames" option. If the jerk goes away, then it could mean the avi is ok, but the computer cant sustain the required frame rate, so it skips frames. You can also use the "Show Movie Info" option to see the playback frame rate (with "play all frames" turned off). Depending on the compression you used and the dimensions of your avi, you may be seeing a lower frame rate than you expect, and that would make any motion appear more jerky.

In aftereffects it is possible to remap the timing of footage, and introduce jerks as a result (although you would probably know if you did that). If you need to change the timing then turning on "frame blending" can smooth out the result.

Anyway, in theory, there is no problem with maya, tga sequences, aftereffetcs and avi's.

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