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02 February 2004, 12:25 PM
Hi there,

in the past 2 month, we - RTI systems - where working for a local natural conservation park. We have to build a system where you - the user - can plan his sigtseeing tour through the park. There are several information about any sight you can visit, one of 'em is a dynamic generated map, where you can see the sight and the topografic, this map ist scroll and zoom-able.

Okay, we have to arange all that with 2 servers. One ist java based and his part is the map generation. The second one ist php/mysql based and his part is the providing of the other data, like news, event, information about sights and so on.

Comunication between server is like this:

Flash-Client ==XML==>PHP/MySQL===XML===>Agis(Mapgeneration)

Flash-Client <==XML==PHP/MySQL<===URLtoMAPjpg===Agis(Mapgeneration)

Okay, now we show up the data in Flash.

Sounds easy...? Let me give you some numbers:
all content must be dynamic, there's an authoringsystem where you can add and remove any content.

there are: 25.000 signs
6 cathegories
ca. 50 sub-cathegories

We did the job - I'll post the URL as son as it's online - but on my way to the end, I stumble on some limitation/bugs of Flash. Moste of them costed me time, money and nerves. I know 50% of the list, are my faults, but I don't know which ones are my faults and which are Flash limitations. I hope the List can help some one. Please feel free to add you limitations.

array's: in some cases an array starts with 0 and in some other it starts with 1. Don't know why.
array's: some Errors in sort function when the array ist very huge
level: you can have 5 named instance levels _root.mc_1.mc_2.mc_3.mc_4, but you should stop at mc_3, if you would like to have an deeper level you have to load the mc_3 as an extrenal .swf.
include: If you include an as thats lager than 1000 lines of code, flash will crash if you play the swf.
LoadMovie: If you load an external movie, in some cases, this movie can not interact with other movies in the main mc.
Depth: You can swap Depth but you can't set the Depth of a mc
function: If you call somewhere in a function(1), another function(2) with a "for" in it. Function1 will skip funktion2 with out any errors.


This happend just once. But was very hard to find.
Macromedia support. Don't call them it cost you more money and time then writing a workouround.

Hm, thats all. I hope you can understand my bad English.
And I hope it helps someone out there



Michael Chen
02 February 2004, 10:38 PM
Hi Jaklyl

Thanks for the tips.

Yeah, flash is a bit buggy sometimes. I had heaps of problems with Flash MX when I was creating my website, especially in terms of actionscript.

Here were some things that I thought was pretty weird:

1) If you had a removeMovieClip() function call inside a movie clip. That movie clip will only be removed if it was created "dynamically" else if you just dragged a copy from the library, and you expected it to be deleted in some time, it won't.

2) For best picture quality (including fonts) always try to line the picture on whole numbered pixels. For example if it was 2.1 or 2.4 use the Math.round function to change it to 2.0.

3) Shared Libraries are crazy they just drive me nuts. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Even if I had a working version one, and then I created an exact copy, sometimes it still doesn't work (and yes I did change the linkage paths).

02 February 2004, 10:28 AM

thx for reply

got another one:

mc.onMouseMove = function() { // dosn't work, don't know why


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