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02 February 2004, 07:56 AM
I am just making this as i go along. i have a sketch i did that is sitting on my stand next to my monitors, so i am going off that as well. I am going to try and make the robot not have any ...spheres for joints, thats lazy. I am going to try to model him so he could actually work and thats hard since i know nothign about robots. ill keep posting until its done. i think ill even texture this too, i got my new 12x18 wacom and it would be a great way to break it in.

02 February 2004, 04:16 AM
I think i will stop this werei am go get my friends Eva 01 model kit and model that. making up a robot as i go is NOT fun, i dont know anything about robots at all. so i think i will just get one of my friends eva models.

02 February 2004, 08:10 AM
Well, Evas aren't exactally the way to go if you're trying to make it look like a robot. Though from what you've got so far, it's kinda looking like a Shinobi Eva. It's cool. (-: If you're trying to make it functional, there are 3 places that you should do some research into that should really help out. The first is obviously other robots. Probably more real-life than animated/cg ones. The second is human anatomy. It's really neat to see how things like your fingers actually work. Finally, insect/shelfish parts are fun. Go to Red Lobster, order a plate of crab legs, and spend a while playing and documenting.
The third one I think goes best with the current design or your mech. The arms and legs could easily function the same as crab limbs, and the torso like a lobster. (-:

03 March 2004, 02:08 AM
If your basing them off the Evangelions 00-04 then you should keep in mind certain key points of an eva a few which you covered easily:

1:Evas are flesh based bipeds controled by their outter "skin" ( you kinda got this it just looks realy "starved" for an Eva)
2)Evas have triangular promananint(sorry can't spell for beans today) chins.
3: The arms of an eva are gangly ( they hang like an ape) If they could get bad posture you might as well look at a gorrila for bone references.
4: The eva's have more of a rectangle/triangular shape than a circular shape for where their arm starts, you know where that (i think it was a sonic) knife came out? (acutly its not part of the arm it just looks that way doe to the Eva's design)...
5: In general the eva's have a "hidden line" where there mouthes can open although this is rare except in the case of EVA Unit 01(it may even be the only one with the exception of 04, if memory serves me it opened it's mouth too, who actualy opened its mouth)
6: (looks like you got this one) In the center of an EVA's chest is the "core" of it. Although it's usualy hidden unless it is terribly injured.
7:EVA's are like little kids...they have "knee pads"
8: Evas are lithe but they are defanately muscular
9: The entry plug starts right (about) where the brain stem ends...
10: cant think of any thing more YET

All in all it's pritty good I dont know much about much 3D programs but check if it has a "Skelly" for a human to work off of...
If you need any EVA pics i'll get ya some.

03 March 2004, 06:21 PM
where is the pic ?

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