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02 February 2004, 06:24 PM
Hi,cool character and good contest,only one thing I tried the rig and I had some trouble with it (maybe?),cause I always try in all characters that when I put two keys in the feets and move the center of mass up and down normally the legs have to bend,but I tried and It doesīnt bend It moves all the character together,I also tried the other small circle but is locked and is just to rotate,anyone knows Why?Am I doing something wrong,


02 February 2004, 08:12 PM
Unlock the translate attributes on the "hipRotate_1" (the smaller circle)
I tried it and it seems to work fine, I just hope it doesn't mess with the rig :hmm:

02 February 2004, 06:13 AM
I hope this is the right place to ask this and it gets noticed here. I don't know if I'll actually enter the contest but I downloaded the package purely because I've been interested in modelling and animation for a long time and I wanted to play with it and learn a little more to try and decide if I want to make this my major. Anyway, I thought the whole process (animation or posing) seemed pretty simple since it was mostly set up for you except for the fact that it is kind of hard to get a good range of motion without having the model intersect itself and I thought some of the controls were maybe a little lacking, but what do I know?

I thought I could start out by placing the character in the initial pose then setting a key for everything at once. I got the first pose how I like it, I think, and then I tried to quickly move an arm or something and key everything again just to make sure I could blend to the next pose but when I did nothing happened.

After that I tried keying one joint at a time, which worked although this is not how I want to do it unless it is absolutely necessary. Can anyone help with keying the whole thing at once?

02 February 2004, 02:46 PM
Hi ,try this,

Check Key Tools at this link:

Hey,and have a look at this too from Adam Burke:

Hope it helps,:)

02 February 2004, 03:27 PM
I tried to use that script a little but I couldn't really get it to work. As I've said I don't really know what I'm doing. In the process of playing with that script I got into playing with layers and created a layer for all of the bones and handles. Now when I key stuff I can goto select objects on that layer and then key selected or whatever "S" does and it works how I wanted it (I think). Perhaps before there was a problem with my selection or something. Thanks.

02 February 2004, 11:30 AM
I doīnt undertand too much whatīs your problem,did you put the script in the script folder?

when you got it try "Q" then "w" and "E" for setting keys if didīnt work as always use : S,control+w or control+e

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