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02 February 2004, 08:36 PM
Hi all! I have one crazy idea about script, that would revert Meshsmoothed hi-poly model into original low poly model. You may ask "why?". Sometimes you may have a deal with models, created by somebody else, which is smoothed and all modifiers are collapsed. And when it comes to editing, it's real pain. So.. As we know, meshmooth works pretty simple - it breaks a face into 4 faces (1 iteration). Using this simple rule, i think it is possible to find all faces that were added by Meshsmooth and delete them.. The only problem - is to find out, where are the original faces/vertices..

Here is a low poly model. I've highlighted vertices with numbers 1 and 2

And here is Meshsmoothed geometry. As you can see, old vertices are in the same place as they were before meshsmooth

So, if we know location of vertex 1 and 2, we can tell how many iterations were used in meshsmooth.. And then use this vertices as starting point for mesh cleaning...

whew..... thanks for reading this crap :blush:

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