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02 February 2004, 06:08 PM
ok i am animating a first person view model for a game, i have been doing this for a long while now. but now i have an interest in learning reactor and making a rifle sling dangle beneath the weapon and react to the movements of the arms and weapon and such during the sequence. i setup a test scene with a 10 segment box and put 10 other boxes (which i used as bones) inside of each segment. i then put dashpots and points between each bone. i got everything linked together, everything needed is put in the rbcollection but when i go to simulate the sequence the thing just bounces around all crazy, i try to tweak the strength of the dashpots and the bones masses but no matter what setting i have used i can not stop it from bouncing around all crazy. i also had a problem getting it to follow a designated object. i am simply trying to re create this effect that a friend of mine did (he just doesnt remember exactly how he did it so im hoping somebody here will heh)
Strap Demo (

but yea basically im trying to find out if there is an easier way than using dashpots or manually animating each section or even not using reactor at all. maybe there is something else that will make this effect. or if reactor and dashpots are the only way to do it, is there any way to eliminate their bouncing around.
here is my test scene just in case somebody feels like taking a look at it and maybe tweaking it and making it work to show me exactly what i should be doing.
Test Scene (made with 3d studio max 5.1) ( (not the exact scene i first made but i figured this one is a bit more organized and better to upload, less bones and such.)

im working in max 5.1 btw

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