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Dan Wade
06 June 2002, 11:28 PM
Just a small question for all you XSI gurus out there. Right, im wanting to use the COMP button...which seems to work in most wanting to constran one object to another...but without locking their centres and moving one to antother....i thought all i would have to do, as it says in the to click on COMP select one object, and press constrain>position and then turn COMP off, but it doesn't seem to work and they still lock together....any ideas?

Ive also been having some problems with up-vectors...any ideas dudes?

Cheers in advance.

06 June 2002, 08:04 PM
i don't know what u want to do but the COMP button is to help u constrain an object to another without the constrained object jump to the position (if u use pos con) of the other long as u uncheck the COMP button u can't move the constrained object, it'll always follow the constrainer.(in case u want to change the position of the constrained object simply press COMP again )
what is exactly the problem u have with up-vectors?

06 June 2002, 08:58 PM
This doesn't sound like something I've seen before.
Delete or rename the cpm.cpm in C:\users\YOUR_USER_NAME\Softimage\XSI_2.03\Data\Preferences\cpm.cpm
It may have set a bad preference which is messing things up.

Manny Papamanos Graphics Support Engineer SOFTIMAGE/3D/XSI

Dan Wade
06 June 2002, 09:14 PM
Right....before i just like to thank EVERYONE who responded to this. I have figured it out! Im sorta happy, coz it wasn't something stupid on my part...i think it is something very stange in XSI. Right, well, when ive been using constrain>position, it has been from menu running along the TOP of the interface - and hasn't worked, but after trying it from the SIDE interface on the worked! I didn't even know you could click on the main constrain heading on the right and it would bring up a list of options....but the constrain menu at the top should do the exact same thing...but it doesn't!!! Please try this and see if you get any weird things happening like me!!

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