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02 February 2004, 03:48 PM
Okay...this may be a very simple question, and I am SURE I am being idiotic and overlooking something obvious. I have tried searching online and through the manual, but I cannot find out how one imports a brush into Painter v. 7. I did it once before about a year ago with my friend guiding me, but now I cannot figure out what to do. He tells me to drop it into the brushes folder in the Painter folder and then reload the librarey or something. But that doesnt work. I even created a new librarey for the new brushes(btw, I am talking about the brushes you get on Don Seegmillers CD that comes with his book), and they still will not load. Now I just get an error message saying "Cannot load empty librarey". -_-`` Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I really appreciate any help cause this is beginning to drive me insane.


02 February 2004, 02:40 AM
The structure of the brush library is like this:

Main library (for example, My Brushes)-> Brush Category (example: Oil Brushes)-> Brush Variant (example: Round Camel Hair Brush).

So, when you import or create brushes, follow this hierarchy and you'll be fine. You can choose what library to load (the little triangle on the right).

I always consolidate my everything into one library, so I don't have to load anything.

02 February 2004, 05:02 AM
Dear Niyana,

This time, you're WRONG. :D

It's not you at all. You're not being idiotic, no matter how sure you are that you are.

It's Don's brush organization that's screwed up. You'll have to download the working brushes from his site at:


It's not a good idea to suggest (I know you only said it's what you do) placing all of one's brush categories and brush variants (or art materials, or scripts) in a single library.

That is, unless the unwitting user is warned about the potential consequences.

It may work fine for you and some other folks if you're not using many brush variants.

The reason is that some folks add so many brushes and brush variants to their brush libraries that it causes Painter to begin behaving strangely, very strangely, dangerously strangely.

02 February 2004, 05:18 AM
P.S, and By the Way....

The term Import is used in Painter 7 and Painter 8 in a very specific way.

It's only used when we want to load Painter 6 and earlier version brush libraries into Painter 7 or Painter 8.

When we go to the Brush Selector menu and choose Load Library, at the bottom of the Brush Libraries dialog box, there's a Load button and an Import button.

To use Painter 6 and earlier version brush libraries (.BRS files that contain all brush categories, brush category icon image files, all brush variants, and any Captured Dab .JPG image files) in Painter 7 or Painter 8, we need to click the Import button.

Then Painter 7 or Painter 8 converts the older version brush library, creating a brush library folder located in the ...

Painter 7 > Brushes folder, or

Corel > Corel Painter 8 > Brushes folder,

brush category folders, brush category JPG icon image files, .XML brush variant files, and Captured Dab JPG image files and places all of these items in their correct locations inside the brush library folder.

It takes way longer to type how it's done than it takes for Painter 7 or Painter 8 to do the conversion, which happens in seconds.

Once all that is accomplished, your converted brush library name appears in the Brush Libraries dialog box list.

Then you highlight the brush library name and click the Load button.

Now your converted brush library is loaded and ready to use. It will always be available to Load, as long as it remains in the ...

Painter 7 > Brushes folder, or the

Corel > Corel Painter 8 > Brushes folder.

02 February 2004, 06:27 AM
Thankyou, Jinbrown. I havent been able to try what you said, but I am checking Seegmillers site right now with the link you gave me. The only other brush I imported in the past was a Painter 6 brush, that is why it was different and that is why it wasnt working the same way with these new brushes.
Thanks again. You guys have been an awesome help.

06 June 2004, 04:40 AM
so does that mean i CAN import these brushes in painter 8????????

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