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06 June 2002, 09:32 AM
OK, here's the pic:

Here's the problem: ME.

I need some help deciding a unifying sky color that will help bring everything together (uh, hence the word unifying -- I'm so good).

Now, in this shot, a plane, brilliantly colored green (hint to all: plan a color palette before starting textures!) so that it will blend in with the green grass zooms in from the right -- I don't really care too much about that, but since this is the opening shot, I want people to go "Oh, shit, that looks pretty nice" without having to add any more modeling to the scene.

I'm TOTALLY open to changing the ocean color (yeah, that's supposed to be an ocean in the background), but the tree, grass and background hill are not changing, except for lighting.

So, you texture freaks, help me, please. And, if you're feeling really generous, could you give me any hints on painting skies in Photoshop?

Thanks folks.

No laughing.

06 June 2002, 09:43 AM
Hmmmm tough one :hmm:

Ok, you say you are open to changing the colour of the water - well, you'll have to be, seeing as water gets the majority of it's "colour" from it's reflection of the sky ;) hehehe

I'm presuming this scene is in full daylight?
So why not trot along to 3D Cafe Textures - Skies (, download a couple of cool sky images, play around with them, and that way decide what kind of thing you want?
I think that's probably the best way to decide on the sky "mood" that you want.
Then, you can just paint your own one, according to that! (And I would recommend painting a new one, because most of those 3D Cafe images aren't very good quality).
I can't really give you any tips though for painting skies, as I haven't ever done one before... Why not drop KoryH a line (via private message or something) and ask him for some tips? ;)

Once you've decided on the sky's colour, then it's just a matter of adjusting your lighting to match, and voila! A great scene is born :thumbsup:

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