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01 January 2004, 07:10 PM
OK I have been all over the internet and I still can't find a tutorial on this, so I'm hoping someone here might have done this before. I'm trying to set up a rig for my dragon model but I can't get the hind leg quite right. I have tried a detached-foot setup with two ik handles on the haunch and hock and the foot parented to them, but it still does not move the skeleton the way I want. When I translate the pelvis downward, I would like for the hock to go down and the haunch to bend at the same time, kind of like this image:
What I'm actually getting is the haunch and hock bend but the hock stays relatively vertical from the foot up to the hock. I'm thinking it should be setup similar to the way a person's heel would be but I am pretty new to all this rigging stuff so I'm stumped as to which foot setup to use and how to adapt it to an animal's hind leg. Hopefully I've made my problem clear. I'd apppreciate any suggestions on how the bones should be positioned, and how the ik should be set up, or if there are other solutions such as constraints. All these things seem at this point to me like a myriad of confusing options and it's difficult to sort through all the information and decide on what option is best for a particular problem.

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