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01 January 2004, 07:44 PM
This is a question for all the game modelers out there...

I was asked at work to take a small room from a warehouse that had several models within the room (tanks, shevles, etc) but I had to cap all the models so they could test stencil shadows.

No problem right? wrong, I was taking someone else's model and trying to fix what they had, everything had missing faces and I had a really hard time capping. Even with 3ds max's cap holes modifier, still nothing. I kept receiving errors that such and such geometry wasnt capped.

Now I understand why this should be done, but how do you go about making sure things are capped?

I read alot of post for game models that say they deleted faces you couldnt see to bring down the polycount, yet this would leave an open end and thus be uncapped.

Capping some things also brings up the poly count in some situations.

My other question is, why is it that a one sided plane can cast a shadow yet in a game engine will cause errors?

Also, anyone have any suggestions on how to take pre-existing models much easier to cap (in case I have to do this again?)

I eventually got the warehouse and all the models to export, but it was alot of trial and error.

Hope this post made sense...

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