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01 January 2004, 05:41 AM
Hey everyone, I am having a hell of a time trying to piece together the recent dvd releases regarding robotech...

around half a year ago, i bought all of the Robotech Legacy sets, 1-7, i remember watching robotech from my elementary school days...

and i jumped on the chance to buy them, i recently finished watching about half of them... i don't know why i ever stopped...

but i just went to, and i found another dvd box set that is up for presale. Now, if i am correct, are they re-releasing all 7 box sets in a remastered series???

There are many Robotech series, such as Macross Zero, Macross Plus, Macross Plus Evo... etc etc etc... so i may be mistaken and this is possibly another release of a similar series, but if anyone could shed some light on this, that would be awesome :)


01 January 2004, 06:13 AM
well, after a bit of research, it looks like they are releasing all of the legacy box sets, only in a remastered form, shucks... i am happy, but still.. shucks...

So everyone can ignore this post, i have since answered my own question ;)

01 January 2004, 06:53 AM
the Macross series of movies and series is the original Japanese version. I believe that came out first. Robotech was an Americanized version that was created after ..... someone bought the rights to reproduce it in America. I liked Macross better. The 1984 original release can't be beat.

01 January 2004, 10:31 AM
Yeah, the story makes more sense in the original, and understandably so...Carl Macek wanted to bring Macross to the US but there weren't enough episodes for a full he obtained the rights to two other Japanese shows, rewrote elements of each into each, and released them all as Robotech. This is why Robotech has three sagas...Macross, Southern Cross and New Generation.

As far as I know, if it's not the original "Macross", it's not part of "Robotech." This includes any Macross movies, etc. They make more sense separately, but I like the idea of this unified world with different generations.

I haven't seen most of the Macross movies...are they any good?

01 January 2004, 07:15 PM

I saw just a few minutes of Macross Zero, and it looked fantastic.

I own Macross Plus, and the animation in it is awesome as well, but it looks similar to Robotech animation, but not quite as good as Macross Zero.

Macross Zero also blends 3d with anime, an incredible looking combination.

but i am also puzzled by a few different versions of these films, there are Oav editions, which aparently are extended editions of the amercian releases...


01 January 2004, 08:02 PM

Oh, sounds cool, thanks. I should check them out...stories any good?

By "I haven't seen most..." I meant "haven't seen any at all." That's more DVDs for the purchase list...I'll need a new book soon... :hmm:

01 January 2004, 11:34 PM
I would recommend Macross: Do You Remember Love? That's the original 1984 release. Macross II was a bit strange. Macross Plus the series is AWESOME. And Macross Plus the Movie is also AWESOME! But that's when it kind of fell apart. I didn't like Macross 7 at all... it was pretty abismal in terms of story.

But Macross Zero, that's a totally different story.... a great pre-qual to the 1984 release with CG. LOVE IT! Waiting on episode 4 and 5 right now.

01 January 2004, 12:24 AM

so pretty much buy all of those except Macross 7

I think i am going to get all 3 of Macross Zero,

and Macross Plus.... and definitly Macross: Do you remember love?

but i am curiuos, is Macross Plus the series available on dvd anywhere? or am i on a wild goose chase?

Thanks for all the tips, i love robotech, i always have, and its great to get tips from others who enjoy it also =)

there is a lot i need to catch up on... thanks again for all the info! :)

01 January 2004, 09:34 PM
AAAHHh.... I would wait on Macross Zero, especially since it's not done yet. By the end of the year, the whole box set should be out, which is 5 episodes on DVD, which should lead quite nicely up to Macross the original. And I hope no one gets offended but.... pSsSsST!!!.... you can bit-torrent Macross Zero. The fan subs are pretty spectacular, especially since they are DVD rips. Macross Zero hasn't been licensed in the US yet so I think it's still not too much of a violation here to bit torrent it. It comes out every 4 months.

And Macross Plus on DVD ..... it's all over EBay. Both the movie version and the series, which is like what, 2, 3 episodes? I can't recall @ the moment. It's been a while.

Anyhow, I didn't really like Robotech all that much except as something to watch after watching Macross: DYRL. The thing about Robotech was that they filled in A LOT and I mean A LOOOOOT of storyline into the compressed Macross: DYRL to fit the American series. It was interesting to see where the characters goes, what happens to Earth, and where the aliens fit. But it was a bit more than what went into the original Japanese release. The American book series of Robotech was interesting. They went on to some really far out storylines that seem to be somewhere between Macross: DYRL and Macross Plus.

I think the Japanese response to Robotech was to release Macross 7... a bad move. Macross 7 really overdid the whole series and kinda flopped in my opinion. It was a really weird series.... and I mean WEIRD. They took the entire idea of "protoculture" and took it to some hippy form. Anyhow, you'll get what I mean about protoculture when u watch Macross: DYRL. Actually, I found a super cheap DVD of it from an anime vendor on EBay. It was like 10 bucks. The Macross Plus series per DVD is also like 10 bucks. And each of these are VERY GOOD subs. The sub is the best I've seen since my original taped version I got back in the early 90's.

Incredible stuff though.... but just some little facts about Macross: DYRL. I could be wrong, but from what I read and hear, Macross: DYRL was the setting point for several new Anime styles that were not seen up to that point in 1984:

-The use of really soft or lovy or "calm" music in hectic savage and bloody battles. The ending fight scene sort of set that stage.

-The ability for ships and mechs to fire a bazillion missiles at a time and still have more.

-The mech dog fights and the style of camera motion was pretty radically new then too.

Here are some links for the DVD's: <--- Macross: DYRL: just a random link I found. My bandwidth for surfing is being sucked up @ the moment so I can't get the links to the guy I originally bought my collection from. 8 bucks here. <--- Macross Plus, the 2 DVD set. 22 bucks.

For the most part, these are legit DVD's that aren't cheap HK rips, I would hope. At least, where I got mine, I got lucky and it was the real DVD and not a cheap HK VCD rip. When my bandwidth returns to me, I'll go through my receipts to find the Ebay vendor that had the DVD's.

01 January 2004, 05:18 AM
oh wow, thank you so much for all of this!

this has really cleared up so much about Robotech and Macross...

Oh and thank you for letting me know about Zero... I... ahem... watched the first one and i can't even tell you how much I loved it...

I described the story to my girlfriend and she just said 'good storylines give me goose bumps..' so I may have sold my gf on Macross...

The blend of CG and Anime in Zero is just phenomenal...

and thank you very much for letting me know about the release of the last two for Zero. I wasn't sure how fast they were producing these, I will definitely be snatching up all 5 when they are released... a box set would be awesome :drool:

Sooo... what is the time line DYRL? it almost sounds like its after zero but before Robotech SDF... Oh, and to be honest... I am still lost on the idea of protoculture... =]

it almost sounded like protoculture was just the replenishment of a species... the idea of procreation is lost to the Zentrade because they are a war species, and nothing more...

just my hunch.. I will wait to grab up a DYRL, I would like to know who this anime vendor is, it would be awesome to have a good place to look for genuine dvd's...

I can't wait for those Zero dvd's... but I must say.. I was spoiled by the Robotech series... I am slow at reading subs, those Japanese just talk so damn fast ;)

but anyway, thanks again for all of the help! and I can't wait to get a hold of and watch DYRL :)

01 January 2004, 06:38 AM
I don't have the link for the guy but I got my Macross: DYRL DVD from edvdanime. Just do a search for that user on EBay! Go go go!!! =D I don't recall if he had Macross Plus, but he might.

I tell u, with episodes 2 and 3 of Macross Zero, ur gonna piss in ur pants or drool ur shirt wet watching how freaking nicely they molded the animation with the CG. It's so freaking seamless..... *DrooooL...* just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. I guarantee that as you watch 2 and 3, you'll end up replaying several scenes over and over and over and over and over............ and over! I was totally drooling over the mech designs and the transformations and everything, so much detail!!!!... it's like holy craP-o-La.

Anyhow, Macross DYRL immediately follows the end of Macross Zero Episode 5. Or at least, that's how it's supposed to go. Roy Focker in Macross Zero is one of the key characters of Macross: DYRL. U don't see any of the original characters past Macross II though. It's a totally different generation with Macross Plus on.

As for the idea of protoculture, the idea is more thoroughly entertained in Macross DYRL but the idea is that a super alien race created the Zentradi (giant war men) and Meltradi (giant war women) (spelling differs of those two here and there). But their constant war tore the alien species apart but before they left, they left a new seed of civilization on earth, that is the humans. Protoculture is referred to as a proto (earliest type) of culture, as in culture, the basis of society and so forth. The alien race that created humans and the two waring alien species developed proto-culture as a driving force of existence. More appropriately, proto-culture was engraved in humanity as it is missing from the zentradi and meltradi, which as a result, know only war and strife. Similarly, proto-culture is used to describe the energy source that powers the Zentradi and Meltradi technology. That energy source is discovered through the Macross Zero series.

From Macross: DYRL, the prequal of that, Macross Zero, is supposed to end when the humans find the SDF1, which is supposed to be a remnant of the original aliens that started it all (the alien race ultimately settled on earth but faded from existence and only left their technology). However, detecting that the Zentradi were in the area, the SDF1's automated systems kicked in and fired a shot from earth which destroyed a Zentradi scout vessel. This alerted the Zentradi to a "hostile race" with radical alien technology and thus the attack on earth begins and Macross: DYRL begins. .... DYRL is VERY DRAMATIC, especially if you have a properly subbed version. The original subbed version I had was a really bad HK rip. The one I bought from edvdanime is much closer to the story. It's got a crazily savage love triangle, savage sci-fi story, and overall the most incredibly hand drawn animation of the time. Frankly, I can't think of any other Anime done today using traditional methods that was as grand as Macross: DYRL... it's sooo amazing!!!!

01 January 2004, 07:09 AM
Wow, I couldn't ask for more help, thank you so much for all this! :)

after I finished reading your post for the first time, I launched eBay and bought DYRL from edvdanime, right away... I also sent an e-mail to him letting him know that is he had part 2 of Plus, that I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy it from him.

I also mentioned to him that someone had recommended him to me, and why. So I hope that makes him smile, its great to know there are people out there who wonít compromise at all on quality, and I wanted to let him know how much I appreciated that.

I just finished watching Zero part 3, and I simply can not wait until 4 is out!

I will definite be keeping an eye out for it, I can't wait.

Oh, and thank you very much for the description of Protoculture.. I very much look forward to watching DYRL and finding out even more. it should make watching Robotech more interesting to say the least.

I am currently in school learning animation, all aspects of animation. Modeling, 2d, 3d, Principles of animation... and based on your words for DYRL... I am so looking forward to watching it. The classes I am in have given me such a respect for animation...

Thank you again for all your help! i can't wait for my copy of DYRL to arrive, and I definitely can't wait for Zero part 4!

01 January 2004, 07:32 AM
no problem dude! :beer: Macross was what got me into web and online communication. Wasn't much of a drawer myself, still can't. But I was so madly obsessed w/ Macross that I constantly download anything and everything Macross that I could find. I have several hundred classic macross pictures that are vid caps and just illustrations and character concepts from the series somewhere. I also have the entire sound track, which includes all the music that wasn't used in the film. Anyhow, I wanted to spread the Macross gospel so that's when I went about learning HTML and spreading it that way. And today, I do consulting work for non profits and small companies to get them small online homes. Nothing major, I design only and code basics. No programming yet. And I photoshop on my free time. Anyhow, ur gonna love the technical quality of Macross: DYRL. The style is very 70ish with the big hair and bell bottoms but other than that, the style is just amazing considering how much detail went in there without the need for CG.... totally amazing!!!:applause:

01 January 2004, 05:52 PM
Oh and btw, just as a matter of personal opinion, I liked Macross Plus the Movie better than Macross Plus the Series. The movie version cuts a lot of the excess out and gets right to the point. If ur happy with the movie, I'd get the movie from edvdanime and just look for the series elsewhere when you have time.

02 February 2004, 10:05 AM
Actually Macross, Southern Cross and New Generation all belong together. Its all part of the Robotech timeline. It actually was post to end around 180 episodes. They made the first 3 episodes and half of 4 on Robotech: Sentinals and it got canceled.

Sentinals was post to leave off of the end of macross series. Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes ride the SDF-3 to find the robotech masters. Sentinals was post to be 65 episodes.

And if they finished that the final series would be Robotech III: The Odyssey. If the Odyssey was made, it was going to pick up where The New Generation and end of Robotech II: The Sentinels left off. It would be partly about Scott Bernard's search for the SDF-3 as well as the ship's final fate. Macek has written that the SDF-3 would have time traveled back into time to the days before the birth of Zor. The SDF-3's crew would become citizens of the Robotech Masters' homeworld and change time by becoming a part of its history. However, to preserve their own, the events would have to repeat and Zor will be born. History will repeat itself and Zor will launch off his Space Fortress. The final episode of Robotech III: The Odyssey would be Zor dying and his Space Fortress being launched off into space to one day crash on Earth. The next episode after that would be Boobytrap, episode 1 of the original series which in turn will create an endless loop within the Robotech universe. This was Macek's idea of completing and ending Robotech. However, this series was never made as said, and these events are not thought of as authentic/correct or even real since the series was never created and would likely not be authentic anyhow. This was post to be around 35 episodes or even up to 75 eps. Not sure.

I got all this information at If you like to know more information about this story you can buy the books. Theres 21 books of it. 1-12 are episodes 1-85. 13-17 are Robotech Sentinals book which they number 1-5. This was the series that got canceled. 18 is the final book to end the series. Suposly thats Robotech III: The Odyssey. After that books 19-21 are different storys that happened durring the Robotech timeline explaining more detail about different characters throughout the series I think. I havn't read the books yet, but I just ordered books 1-6 and 8. I'm gona try and read all the books.

But whats cool in summer of 2004 theres post to air Robotech episodes on TV. The series will pick up where the original 85 episodes left off. I think its going to air on CartoonNetwork.

02 February 2004, 04:16 PM
Actually, that's not exactly right. Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada (as someone else stated) are actually 3 un-related (as in totally different) anime series that were imported to America by Carl Macek, re-edited and had new voice work to follow his Robotech storyline.

The Robotech story is very different from the stories in the 3 Japanese versions.

Personally, I like the Robotech storyline. I don't understand why some people are so totally opposed to it.

It's a shame that Sentinels didn't get finished, but if you're interested in that story you can read the novels, they're pretty good.

02 February 2004, 06:00 PM
So... has any of you CG Artists Robotech Fans modelled a veritech yet? Aaaaah, some day... :buttrock:

02 February 2004, 11:11 PM
Hey guys!
Huge Carl Macek's Robotech fan here!
I just wanted to say that the American versions of Robotech are

Robotech: The Macross Saga
Robotech Masters (not Southern Cross) and
Robotech New Generation.

Whatever you do...DO NOT buy the "f.h.e." version of these series.
f.h.e. (family home entertainment). They are edited.
I rented these at the local video retal store years ago and noticed that the scene in Macross Ep.1 - Booby Trap in which Min May's 'lil cousin is trying to get soda from a vending machine was edited out. I could have sworn it was in there. Who knows what else they edited out.
Get the "Legacy" version. They even include the bumpers! (clips of video leading into or out of a commercial-"Robotech will be right back!")

02 February 2004, 12:52 AM
Originally posted by Stormy151
Actually, that's not exactly right. Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada (as someone else stated) are actually 3 un-related (as in totally different) anime series that were imported to America by Carl Macek, re-edited and had new voice work to follow his Robotech storyline.

The Robotech story is very different from the stories in the 3 Japanese versions.

Personally, I like the Robotech storyline. I don't understand why some people are so totally opposed to it.

It's a shame that Sentinels didn't get finished, but if you're interested in that story you can read the novels, they're pretty good.

Macross and Southern Cross aren't 100% unrelated. They were actually part of a "Super Dimension" series of stories that existed in a similar universe though their storylines never crossed aside from a random cameo or two. The original titles were "Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross" (originally Megarodo), "Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross" and "Super Dimension Century Orguss". The only crossover or cameo that I remember specifically is an episode where one of the pilots in Orguss looks at a picture of a girl in his cockpit (girlfriend?) and it's Minmay.

Some of the details may have been changed but the overall story of Macross was left virtually intact from the original. I think the biggest change might have been taking the concept of "protoculture" (introduced in Macross) and changing it from a concept into a physical "energy" that powered all the mecha. If I remember right "protoculture" was a term used by the Zentradi to describe the human man/woman comingling thing, since the males and females of their species were hostile to each other.

"Genesis Climber Mospeada" wasn't related to this series at all except for the animation production company I believe. The weaving of the stories for Robotech by Carl Macek is correct and it's not the only time he'd done this to create a series long enough for first-run syndication. Harmony Gold took two Leiji Matsumoto series, "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" and "Queen Millenia" and spliced together "Captain Harlock and the Queen of a Thousand Years". It was a less popular series that premiered at the same time in 1985 and I wish it was also available on video.

Yeah, I loved Robotech as a kid and watched it maybe five or six times through on Channel-11 out of Dallas, the first station to carry Robotech. Dallas was considered Robotech Capital of the World. It was so popular they premiered "Robotech: the Movie" which was actually a bastardized version of the first "Megazone 23" film.

I like "pure" anime but my childhood wouldn't be the same without Robotech, so, warts and all, I like the Carl Macek version too.

02 February 2004, 05:07 AM
hey singularity, I just watched DYRL and i must say i loved it. I was really happy to see them explain protoculture, tho, it doesn't seem like its the same protoculture in the Robotech universe....

at least they talk about it a little differently

but I am very glad that I bought it, and its going with my Robotech collection...

thank you again very much for pointing me in the right direction to find a good release of it...

btw, does your every now and the in the sub titles print

so thanks again singularity, very much for suggestion DYRL! :)

so... all this anime that I am apparently missing...

how is Neon Genesis Evangelion? I hear a lot of people talking about it, and hell, even Weta is doing the special effects for a film project for it.. sooo.. Iím just curious, is that a good series to get into? will take a lot of renting, 26 dvd's.. yikes =)

p.s. canít wait for Macross Zero 4 and 5! :)

02 February 2004, 04:59 PM
Macross, Southern Cross, SDC Orguss, Mospeada, Megazone23 are UN-related story-wise.

That American gentleman could have bought Neon Genesis Evangelion and Pokemon, and jont them together, edit the story and call it Neon Genesis Pokelion.

The girl friend of the protagonist in Orguss is NOT Lynn Minmei.

Sorry for poor English.

02 February 2004, 10:44 PM
Wasn't the daugter of Max and Mariya Jenius in Southern cross in japan to. Or was that changed in the american version. And in the New Generation I heard Scott was in the Macross series some where.

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