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01 January 2004, 07:34 PM
hi i was wondering if anyone know if there is a brush that you can load two colrs at once? ex. left side blue right side white? thank you for your time?

01 January 2004, 10:25 PM

The beauty of Painter, in part, is that everything doesn't always come pre-packaged. Instead, it provides lots of controls you can learn to use to create just about any custom brush variant you want.

In this case, since you don't say what Painter version you're using, I'll give you references for both Painter 7 and Painter 8, then you can use those terms to look up the information in the Painter 5 and Painter 5/5.5 User Guides.

Painter 8:

Read the Painter 8 User Guide, Chapter 6 Painting, the section named Painting with Color, sub section named Creating Two-Color Brush Strokes.

Painter 7:

Read the Painter 7 User Guide, Chapter 4 Painting, the section named Applying Media, sub section named Creating Two-Color Brushstrokes.

Painter 6 or Painter 5/5.5:

Again, if you have Painter 6 or Painter 5/5.5 Look up similar terminology in the Table of Contents and/or Index.

Make use of the Painter User Guide. Make it your friend by looking things up before posting questions. Often, you'll find that you either get the answer and don't have to post the question, or you narrow things down so your question can be very specific.

When you do ask questions, always specify your Painter version, including update/patch number if it's installed, and your OS version number as well. It makes a difference when we respond to your question. In other words, it took me far more time to write this post for four Painter versions than it would have for only one, and to look up the chapters and sub sections in two User Guides (which, again, you can do for yourself).

We're happy to help when you really do get stuck, but do your best first and you'll end up learning a lot more and a lot faster.

01 January 2004, 10:28 PM
thanks i know i was not clear about this. i dont have painter, i dont know if its something i want . i asked a vague question because i know older version can be bought on places like ebay or some retail stores ....i know my wife paints alot with 2 colors on the brush so i was wondering if painter did this.maybe she will someday move to digital painting. but like you said it took so long to write your responce although you didnt have to or you could have posted what version, etc thank you for the responce! much appreciated

01 January 2004, 10:59 PM

You're welcome, but I have to apologize for all my lecturing.

Thinking about it some more, I'm not sure you can get two colors on the brush variant, one on each side. If the brush is a bristly one, the colors will be mixed in the bristles, not all one one side or the other.

Still, you might want to read the User Guides in those two main sections I mentioned, if and when you get Painter, then spend some time tweaking the brush settings to see how close you can come.

One existing variant is the Artists' Van Gogh that in its default state paints with multiple colors. If you set it to paint from a two point Gradient that's made up of the two colors you want, it comes closer than most to painting the way you want, but not exactly.

If I had more time, I'd spend some of it fiddling to see what I could come up with.

Maybe one day I'll be able to do that. In the meantime, maybe someone else reading this thread can give you better info.

In any case, you'll enjoy Painter (or your wife will). It's a wonderful program.

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