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01 January 2004, 01:17 AM

I have tried numerous times to learn how to paint in photoshop, while i am improving alot of it is because Im not sure if im using the right technique. Please bare with my newbiness...

I have tried going through those digital painting series stuff on however they skip alot of basic newbie steps which leaves me a little lost..

The 'technique' i am using at the moment is basically painting on a 50% gray canvas, using dodge and burn....however sooner or later with larger areas of a painting more so I end up with it just looking like a black and white smudge painted image...

What are some techniques people use to get that nice sharp crisp edge when using these tools or am i using the wrong tools?

01 January 2004, 01:56 AM

well, I am quite a newbie myself. few advices for you, DON'T use dodge and burn tool, for some reason, unless you are very skilled at it i think the you get results as you mentioned.

I only use hard edge brush most of the time, opacity at about 40~60 % and only when I need to blend for smooth finish I use soft edge brush. you know the short keys right?? (shift+] for hard and shift+[ for soft)

I think basically most people just paint straight with colours, block out the basic colours and graadually zoom in to work in details. that's what I do most of the time.

just keep at, try painting simple stuffs, like mugs or something. and try and practice use colour, so just go at it without any outlines but chunks of colour!

good luck

01 January 2004, 04:36 AM
Thanks for that, I always thought that the main tech was the dodge burn technique. Ill try what you've said

Ian Jones
01 January 2004, 07:23 AM
Bumskee's right... I agree with everything he said.

01 January 2004, 11:32 AM
Dog & Burn depends a lot on your starting pixel color values.

01 January 2004, 04:23 AM
here are some suggestions for starting out with photoshop ( no matter what you plan on doing with photoshop):

1. Play with all the filters, try all kinds of settings, colors, etc
2. Play with the blending modes. Blending modes hold so much power in photoshop, its amazing. you can make layer upon layer with different blending modes and create a masterpeice.
3. Go through all kinds of tutorials. I started off doing tuts at also, do some runs throught tutorials at once again, no matter what you plan on doing with photoshop, you really have to know the program to make good lookin stuff.

4. this is an important one: dont expect to create what you want on the first try. rome wasnt built in a day, and your photoshop skills will not develop in just a few hours. it takes a lot of practice to know all different techniques etc.

Hope this helped, if you need any help with photoshop, send me a PM or send me an instant message on AIM, my screen name is l0stpr0fet.


Mountain Man
02 February 2004, 02:56 AM
Great tips here! I'd add that a Wacom tablet makes painting a LOT easier.

02 February 2004, 06:44 AM

For dodge and burn you could use a empty layer above your subject set as "soft light" as it's transfer mode and then paint with black for burn and white for dodge, this way to discharge your burns and dodges all you need to do is to erase parts of the layer or delete the whole layer :)

Hope this helps!

See ya,

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