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01 January 2004, 06:12 PM
Hi all don't know if this will be any help to any of you but I'm posting it anyway , I put together this script with the help of nick Clark and a few others from around the web . anyway the idea I had was to make a spectrum analyser display ,like the sort you some times get on the EQ part of a Hi fi , or in a studio . this is in no way accurate , but if you feed it the right bands of audio it does look quite good . it takes a bit of setting up , you need a wave file , if you have say 10 lines of boxes you will need 10 wave files , you can use any old sound for each band , but to get the spectrum analyser Fx you will need to Eq the same wave file but at different bands , Eg; 500 Hz , 1Khz , 1.5Khz , 2Khz and so on , then using the track editor load the wave files into the audio controllers . I found its best to resample the wave files to 22k and set the over sampling in max to about 500 , there are a few bugs :( . if you delete any of the boxes you get an error , and if you tell it to make to many boxes it can lock max up .I've got 400 out of it so far with out locking up .. if anyone could add anything to this script then please do .I could not get the progressbar to work so if anyone could tell me where Im going wrong please let me know , anyway hope some one finds a use for it and I hope all that made sence :) .. all the best .... Dan

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